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The panel bar

If you have multiple channels or query panels open it can be difficult to keep track of the traffic and see when hew messages arrive. Snak provides a panel bar to give you an easy way to see in when new text arrive and to quickly switch to that channel or query.

In this example you have two channels open and a server message panel (Undernet). You also have a window that contains panels for the Contacts list, the Actions list and the Profile list. The channel bar contains a button for each panel and their colors tell you which is the current panel and which panels have new messages. If you hover the mouse over a button for a few seconds you will see a help tag with the last unread message in the panel.

The panel bar is turned on and off in the Windows preference panel. In the example above the channel bar sits in a regular window, and will as such continue to be visible even if you switch to another application. It can also be configured to sit in a floating window that will then always be on top when you run Snak, but will disappear when you switch to another application.

The panel bar can also be combined with the floating input field so that you more easily can switch between the channel that the text in the input field will be sent to.


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