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The query command

When you use the /msg function the display of the private messages is mixed in with the channel conversation. Additionally you have to remember to type /msg <nick> for every message can lead to potential embarrassment when you forget it.

If you prefer to have a separate panel for an extended private conversation with someone you can use the /query function.
/query <nick>

This command will open a new private message panel and send messages that you write in that panel as private messages to <nick>. When replies come in then they are routed to that particular panel.

As a shortcut you can combine opening the panel with sending a message:
/query <nick> <text>

In the query panel you do not have to type /msg <nick>. The panel takes care of sending the messages directly to <nick>.

There is an option under the general preferences to automatically open a query window when you get a private message, and there is also a Respond item in the tools menu to open a query window to the last nick that sent you a private message.


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