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Shared windows

In order to use the screen space more efficiently Snak can dock multiple channels, server message panels and queries into one window. This is called window sharing. There are two different modes of shared windows. The first, called the stacked mode, stacks the channels, server message panels or queries on top of each other, so that the active panel uses the entire window. There is a row of buttons to switch between the panels. This row of buttons can be placed either above or below the stack. The second, called the tiled view, tiles the views so that they all can be seen but each of them has less space.

This picture shows the stacked mode with a window that contains two Undernet channels and a server message panel:

The button displays a badge when there is unread messages in the channel. The text color reflect the type of message that is unread. If you hover the mouse over the button for a few seconds, a help tag will come up and you can see the last unread message in the associated channel without having to switch to it

This picture shows the the tiled view.

Panels can be added or removed from the windows by dragging the gripper area on the left edge of the topic bar. You can switch between stacked and tiled mode in the Window preference panel.

If you prefer not to use shared window, you can turn off the Open new panels in separate option in the Window preference panel. That will make Snak open new panels in separate windows by default.

When you dock channels in a window they will share the input field and user list. The currently active channel is surrounded by a blue border and is in control of the input field and user list.


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