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Joining manually

In addition to the methods described on the previous pages you can also use typed commands to join channels. To join a channel, type /join or /channel followed by the channel name in the input field in the server message panel, the profile list, or an existing channel panel. Snak supports many command shortcuts, so you can also type /j instead of /join.

If the channel requires a password to enter, you will have to type in the command "/join <channel> <password>" with a space between the channel name and the password.

A channel name can only be one word. If you type more than one word Snak will interpret it as a channel name and password. You can however join multiple channels in one command if you separate the channels with a comma. There must be no spaces in the list. For example:
/join macintosh,beginner,linux
will make you join those three channels.

If you know other IRC clients you may know that channel names always start with a '#' character. In Snak you may omit that character, since the program is smart enough to add it when necessary.

Joining automatically

If you find yourself joining the same channels every time you log onto IRC, it may save you some time to have Snak automatically join the channels when it connects. There are several ways to automatically join channels in Snak.

Leave channel windows open:

Snak will remember what channel windows you had open when you quit the program. When you launch it next time these windows will be re-opened, and when you open the associated connection the program will join the channels again. You open the connection with Cmd-O or by selecting the command in the File menu.

Specify a startup action:

Open the profile list (Cmd-K) and open the profile record. Then type /join <channel name> (without the brackets) in the startup actions field. There can only be one command per line, but the field can accept multiple lines. See the chapter on IRC commands for more information on how to give commands to the program.

When the connection goes online the program will execute the commands that you have entered in the field and you will join the channel.


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