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Using the Channel List

When you have successfully connected to a server you can request that the server send you a list of all the available channels. On large networks there can be 15-20.000 channels so it may take a while to get the whole list.

Snak remembers the channel list that you get from the server, and once you have managed to get a list from the server you can open the Channel List from the windows menu to see it again. It will come up with the last results being displayed again.

To request a channel list from the server, use the List Channels… menu item under the File menu, or press the Refresh button in the Channel List window. This will open a dialog where you can tell Snak what criteria to use in the request.

The List Channels dialog allows you to specify what you want to see in the Channel List in terms of minimum and maximum number of members and words to include or exclude from the channel name.

In this example you are looking for channels with names that contain "mp3" and has a population of 25 or more.

When you press OK Snak will send the list command to the server which will then return the channels that match the criteria you entered. At that point the Channel List window will appear and begin to fill up with the matching channels. Since there may be many, many channels it can take a while before the server is done. Sometimes the server is too busy to respond properly and it may sometimes stop sending you data. There is nothing to do about that, except try another server or try later.

Most large networks contain thousands of channels that are very small or only contain a single person. As a beginner you are not advised to visit a small channel like that unless you know who the other member of the channel is. Stick to medium sized channels (15-50 members) until you are comfortable with the process.

To join a channel from the Channel List you can select it and press the Join button or double click on the channel name.

In this picture Snak is done receiving channels from the server. While the list is still being received it will display a spinning arrows in the upper right corner of the window. For performance reasons Snak will only sort the list once all the channels have been received.

If you want to see a new channel list with different criteria you can press the Refresh button to bring up the List Channels… dialog again.

Most channels in the list starts with the # character but some starts with the & character. This indicates that the channel is local – accessible only to users connected to your server.

If you are puzzled by channels called #[$%%SJ@ or #[#!!@#@%^ or something similar they are not nonsense channels. People with many different alphabets use IRC and these strings of characters have meaning in Cantonese or one of the many other script systems in use on this Earth.

Snak will remember the list of channels and you can close and reopen the Channel List window later from the Windows menu.


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