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Using the Profile list

When you first run the program it will display a window with three lists. The active panel is the Profile list.

The Profile list contains a number of predefined channels that you can join with a doubleclick. Press the Join button with nothing selected to get the Join dialog where you can enter the name of a channel or channels to join. The new channels are added to the list so that you don't need to type the name next time. To join multiple new channels at one time just separate the names with a comma and don't use spaces.

Some channels require a password to gain access. To edit a channel record, select it in the list and press the Edit button. This will bring up a dialog where you can enter a password to use when joining the channel and provide a description

In the above example you will join the channels macintosh and Beginner on Undernet when you press the Join button.

To edit the profile records (Chatnet, DALNet, EFNet, IRCNet, MacNN and Undernet), select the profile and press the Edit button.

Add new profiles by pressing the Add button. Delete channels or profiles by selecting them before pressing the Delete button.

The first item in the Profile list is the DCC list. In order to access the DCC functionality (send and receive files, and open DCC chats) select the DCC item. The panel buttons will then change titles and function to provide access to the DCC functionality.

The window has an attached input field so you can actually use the Profile list to send a message to multiple channels at once. In the above picture two channels are selected, so if you were to enter something in the input field and press enter it would be sent to both channels.

You can also select one or more of the profile items, like DALNet and Undernet and issue a command like /join macintosh, in order to join a channel called macintosh on both networks at once.


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