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DCC file sending

Snak can send files using either Binary or MacBinary transfer method (Choosing the transfer method). Normally the best choice is Binary.

To start the transfer, you can either type
/DCC send <nickname> <full pathname> OR
/DCC send <nickname>

If you do not provide a pathname, Snak will bring up a standard file dialog where you can select the file to send and choose the transfer method.

You can also send a file to someone by dragging its icon into the user list and releasing it onto the nick that you want to send it to.

In the case of a DCC chat or a query window you can also start a transfer by dragging the file in from the finder and dropping it on the text area of the window.

If you are having trouble getting DCC send to work but DCC receive works fine then the problem is probably your connection. An AirPort, ADSL, cable modem or NAT router requires some configuration in order to work right. Please see the troubleshooting chapter or the main DCC page for more information.


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