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DCC Chatting

DCC Chat sessions do not pass through the network of IRC servers like normal messages do. Instead these messages are transmitted directly between the two involved computers, which makes for a more secure connection that can not be interrupted.

The DCC Chat sessions are started via normal IRC messages, but once the connection is established is becomes independent of the IRC connection, and will not be subject to the normal IRC problems like lag and netsplit etc.

Start a DCC Chat session with someone by typing
/DCC chat <nickname> or by pressing the Chat button in the DCC status list in the profile list.You need to select the DCC item at the top of the profile list to show the DCC buttons.

You can also start a DCC chat or filetransfer to someone by using the contextual menu in the user list or the Contacts list. Display the contextual menu by holding down the control key while clicking on a user. That will show a menu with options that include DCC chat and send.


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