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DCC is an addition to IRC which allows you to send and receive files, and open a special kind of chat session that is free from the the lag and stability problems that sometimes plague an IRC connection. DCC stands for Direct Client to Client and refers to connections directly between your machine and that of someone else. DCC is subject to some limitations and complications due to the common use of firewalls, routers and wireless access points.

You either act as a client and make outgoing connections, or as a server where your make your machine wait for incoming connections.

Being a client usually works without problems. That's when you receive a file that someone sends to you or accept a DCC chat request from someone else.

When you try to send a file or initiate a DCC chat, you are taking the role of a server and your IRC program will tell the other side which internet address and port he should attempt to connect to. The DCC preference panel allows you to set Snak up to use the correct public internet address and port range.

You can find more information about DCC in this chapter.

NAT routers and AirPort

Snak will attempt to automatically attempt to determine your public IP address if the "Auto configure" option is turned on.

The second step in making DCC send work from behind a firewall or NAT router is to restrict the port range that is used, so that you can configure the NAT router to route this well defined range of ports on to the machine that is running Snak.

The third step is the actual configuration of the NAT router or AirPort network to pass these ports on to the machine that is running Snak. That subject is impossible to cover here because there are so many different systems.

Autoaccept of incoming DCC chat requests or filetransfers

Autoaccept of DCC offers is done with Actions and this panel allows you to easily set up a DCC accept Action. If you press the "Make an Action" button Snak will open the Action dialog preset to an event of "On DCC chat offer" and a response of "Accept DCC chat".

You can change the event to "On DCC filetransfer offer" and the response will then change to "Accept DCC filetransfer".

To autoaccept DCC chat or files from a particular nick, fill out the nick field.

To autoaccept files of a particular name or extension, fill out the filename field. The field supports wildcards, so use "*.MP3" to autoaccept all files with the MP3 extension.

If you choose the "Accept DCC filetransfer" response you can select the save location for the transfer. By default the location will be the desktop.

You can provide another save location in each DCC accept Action so that you may chose to save MP3 files in one location, pictures in another etc.

If there is a filename conflict between an existing file and a file that is being automatically received the new file will be renamed.


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