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Connecting to a server
Joining channels
Sending messages
Keeping track of people
Customization and settings
Using DCC
IRC commands



The Channel panel controls the defaults that are used when you join a channel the first time. As mentioned on the Channel settings page Snak will store a record for each channel with the current defaults so that it can set the channel up the same way next time you join it.

You may not care to see a message every time someone changes the topic, or enters or leaves a channel and this can be controlled from this panel by checking and unchecking the boxes.

When you make changes to the visible activity, the settings will be applied to all the channels Snak knows about. If you just want to change the settings for one particular channel you can do so from the Channel settings as mentioned above.

Among the server messages you will receive are notices of a changed channel mode. The Translate Mode Changes checkbox determine how Snak presents this information. Mode flags are described in the intermediate IRC commands chapter.

For instance, when someone is opped Snak can either display the raw "mode change +o on Nick by AnOp" or translate it to "AnOp has opped Nick".


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