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In the Clicking panel you can select what happens when you double click in the user list and the contacts list.

For the user list the options are to either put the nick in the input line, or run a script or command that can do something with the selection. For the contacts list you can either open the edit dialog or execute a command.

By default the commands that are defined opens a private message panel, called a query panel. Anything you type in a query panel is sent as a private message.

In this case the fields contain a single command, but if you define an alias in one of the files in the script folder you can perform complex operations on a double click.

As explained in the scripting chapter $E and others are called scripting variables. When the script is run, these variables will be replaced by what they represent.

$E represents the nick of the selected nick in either the user list or the contacts list, and $* represent the contents of the input line.

query $E -- this will open a query panel to the selected nick
msg $E $* -- this will send the contents of the input list as a private message to the selected nick

An alias example:
If you defined the following aliases in a script file and loaded it, you could replace "query $E" with "OpenQuery" and "msg $E $* " with "SendInputField" in the panel above and the behavior would be the same. Then you could extend the aliases to do precisely what you need.

alias OpenQuery {
	query $E 

alias SendInputField { msg $E $* }

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