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The windows panel is used to configure the layout of Snak's windows.

Most of the settings in this panel will immediately affect the open windows so you can directly see the effect of a change.

The user list and input field can either be integrated into each window, or set to occupy their own windows. When the user list and input field is integrated into the window they are shared amongst the panels in the window. There is always an active panel, and if that is a channel panel, the user list will display the members of the channel. The input field will its messages to that channel when you press return.

The channel panels contains a column for the nicknames and a text area for the messages. Between them is a divider line that normally is invisible. The “Show nick and text divider line in color" option will make Snak display a thin line in this divider to make it easier to see. The divider can be moved to allocate more or less room to the nick column.

The windows can accommodate multiple panels in order to minimize the number of windows on the screen. You can see examples of the stacked and tiled versions of shared windows on this page.

If you choose to use the stacked view you can choose if the buttons go above or below the panels with the checkbox.

The Open new panels in separate windows preference will control if Snak groups new panels together by network, or if it will give each new panel a separate window. An panel is the name for the text area and information bar that goes with each channel, query, DCC chat etc.

If there are no channel buttons in the window you can also click and drag in the topic area of a window and drop it onto another topic area to dock a window.

The panel bar is a window that contains a button for each active channel, query, console etc. It can be used to easily monitor the windows for activity and quickly switch between them.If you hover the mouse over a button with unread text, a help tag will come up with the time and text of the last message.

The "Inside Floating input field" option is only available when the input field is floating.


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