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Once you have been on IRC long enough to acquire good friends who look forward to hearing your news, you will begin to notice something odd. Your IRC buddies will apparently acquire a magical ability to know when you log on.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that these buddies are the people you most want to hear from but that is life, isn’t it. The reason they can do it is that, in the jargon they have got you on notify.

Sometimes you will encounter annoying people in the channels. Those people are just talking nonsense or being very abusive, yet your friends continue their conversations as if nothing was happening. Perhaps for them, nothing is…

They probably have that person on ignore which is almost the opposite of notify. They have set their IRC client up so that messages from the annoying person are filtered out so they never see them or know they are there.

That is certainly preferable to getting all angry and abusive yourself. As a regular user there is nothing you can do about kicking misfits out of the channel. Only channel operators can do that.

Your friends also seems to have a very good memory about the little things you have told them about yourself, like your birthday, interests or gender or age. You can do all these things too from the Contacts List in Snak. It integrates the notify, ignore and address book functions into one convenient location.


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