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Switching servers

After you have connected you may find that the server is lagged or not the one you wanted to be on. A lagged server is overloaded and takes too long to pass your messages on to the other members. There are several ways to switch servers.

If you have multiple servers in the active connection profile and you want to switch to the next one in the list you can use the command "/server +" or "/server –" to switch to the previous one.

You can also select a channel or console that belongs to the connection and press Cmd-E, or use the Server List item in the Windows menu. This will bring up the Server Selection dialog where you can select another server.

This dialog will change the server that the current connection profile uses. It will not make a new connection. If you want to have multiple connections to different servers, go to the profile list (Cmd-K) and set up as many profiles as you want.

You can select a server by double clicking on it or by single clicking and pressing the OK button. When you do that the current connection will disconnect (if it was connected) and switch to the server you selected.

In addition to the above two methods Snak also supports the "/server <server name>" command that allows you to connect directly to a particular server. Snak will use the nickname and username information from the profile that is associated with the channel or console where you typed the command.


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