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Opening a connection

There are several ways to open a connection. If you have an existing profile then you can select the desired channel in the Profile List (Cmd-K) and double click it, or press the Join button. The name of the button changes to Leave if the you are already a member of the channel.

Snak remembers the windows you had open the last time you ran the program. If you have windows open with the channels that you want to join, you can just select them and press Cmd-O or use the Open Connection menu item under the file menu.

You can also open a connection for a profile by going to the File menu and using the hierarchical menu under Connect To.

To see the state of a connection, open the profile list and look at the icon.

The connection is fully opened and the server has given you access to join channels
The server has accepted the connection but it has not yet given you access to join channel.
The connection is in the process of being opened.
The connection is closed.

Additionally, the server messages panel that is associated with each connection will show the state as text in the upper left corner. The server messages panel is the location where Snak will display the various informational messages that the IRC server sends. For example, the server will typically display an extensive "message of the day" often abbreviated MOTD where the server operator explains the rules for using the server.

To open the server message panel if it's closed, either select the profile or a channel that belong to the connection, and use the Server Messages menu item in the windows menu.


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