[Fix] = Bugfix
[New] = New feature
[Opt] = Optimization
[Chg] = Changed
[Rem] = remark

Version 5.3.4

[New] Action to respond to a server request to type /Quote Pass 12345
[Chg] Updated the Growl library
[Chg] Updated the Server list
[Fix] AppleScript was not working on 10.6 and 10.7
[Fix] Room list panel button did not update when changing the room/channel preference
[Fix] No cursor when resizing columns in the command reference
[Fix] The columns in the command reference were incorrectly sized
[Fix] The topic and ban set by in the channel management dialog did not use the proper formatting
[Fix] Possible crash when Channel Mgmt dialog open together with System Preferences
[Fix] Sending a room message from an action in response to an event could send to the currently active one, and not the room where the event happened
[Fix] The version check did not work.

Version 5.3.3

[Chg] OS X 10.5 contains a confirmed memory leak in two particular functions that Snak, and many other applications use to clear the window background before drawing. Snak no longer uses those functions to erase the background. 10.6 and 10.7 is not affected.
[Chg] AppleScript 2.0 in OS X contains a bug in the handling of the unique ID parameter. Snak works around this issue.
[Chg] Messages typed into the inputfield while a DCC panel is active are now forwarded to the associated IRC connection.
[Fix] DCC resume of files over 2GB was not working.
[Fix] Incorrect filesize displayed in the information message when receiving a file larger that 2GB.
[Fix] Highlight style in the tables, such as the command reference was incorrect

Version 5.3.2

[New] Support for the DCC reject message when sending and receiving files.
[Chg] Canadian prices lowered to parity with USD.
[Chg] The connection to the IRC server is now automatically closed when leaving the last room.
[Chg] Channel buttons in stacked mode clears highlight color on mouseover just like the topicbar does in tiled mode.
[Fix] When "close windows on manual disconnect" was selected windows would also be closed in responsed to the machine going to sleep.
[Fix] Reconnect after sleep did not work.
[Fix] After dragging a channel button to a different location in the channel bar in a window, clicks in other channel buttons could sometimes get ignored.
[Fix] The loud private message sound did not play on Intel Macs.
[Fix] Pending DCC send could not be removed.
[Fix] Some of the error messages when entering incorrectly formed /dcc close etc commands were formatted incorrectly.
[Fix] DCC close get command did not work.
[Fix] If ctcp replies were sent from multiple connections at the same time it was possible to have them go to the wrong target.
[Fix] Accepting or sending a D CC resume request would fail when the start position was over 2GB.

Version 5.3.1

[New] This version makes it possible to select stacked or tiled view for each individual window. Previous versions had a setting that affected all open windows, but now each group of panels can be set to the most appropriate format. To change the view for the active window, go to the Windows menu and select either Stack panels or Tile panels.
[New] The profile list now has contextual menus for the most common operations on the list items, such as connect/disconnect for profiles, join/leave for channels and accept/close for DCC transfers.
[New] Room list panel has a contextual menu.
[New] Option to control if a panel is automatically opened when a DCC filetransfer starts.
[Chg] URLs in channel text are underlined and blue.
[Chg] Uses updated SSL libraries for compatibility with the most recent OS X 10.5 Leopard build.
[Fix] Incorrect helptag for the ignore color checkbox in channel settings.
[Fix] The stacked windows could in some cases become blank after moving or dragging out a panel.
[Fix] Dialog panels did not get activated on doubleclick in the profile list if they were in a different window.
[Fix] Checking or unchecking the Sort userlist by status preference did not cause a resort.
[Fix] Messages returned from message history were set to normal msg color, not own message color. This could cause problems with commands being displayed in the channel, and text that appeared colored to the other channel members.
[Fix] The collapse box in the window titlebar did not work in some circumstances.
[Fix] Snak could fail to start up if the system spell check module was malfunctioning.

Version 5.3

[New] Room list panel. The panel stores the list of rooms so it is not necessary to get it repeatedly from the server.
[New] The Play Sound response in an Action has a popup of the available sounds.
[New] Added 'Copy to' response to copy a message to a filter panel. This complements the 'Redirect to' response.
[New] Improved AppleScript error reporting when attempting to access objects that don't exist.
[Chg] Option to ignore colors in incoming messages is back by popular demand.
[Chg] Server list updated to latest version.
[Chg] Server list dialog can be opened when the profile list is active.
[Chg] 'Show Script Folder' will open the script folder in the finder instead of just opening the enclosing folder.
[Chg] The command reference is updated with the commands that take a -t parameter (/sound and /say,/send).
[Chg] The sound command will play the sound locally if it is found.
[Chg] The room field in the setup assistand can take a comma separated list of rooms to join. Room and optional password should be separated with a space.
[Chg] Controls no longer slide around when resizing list panels.
[Chg] A sheet is used for the warning that comes when closing a window with multiple active rooms.
[Chg] The Stack windows command will not change window size.
[Chg] Holding down option key when using the Stack Windows command will stack vertically only instead of staggered.
[Chg] Stack windows now stacks frontmost furthest down.
[Chg] Profile name is included in the Nickname in use dialog so it is easier to see where the problem is.
[Chg] DCC panels will update automatically every 5 seconds even if no data is sent or received.
[Chg] A DCC receive will timeout if no data is received for 90 secs.
[Chg] Messages typed into the separate userlist panel is passed on to the connection.
[Chg] The separate userlist panel is automatically assigned to another room when the associated room is closed. This avoids having an empty userlist panel until another room is selected.
[Fix] In some circumstances, only some of multiple DCC transfers from the same user could be automatically accepted.
[Fix] AppleScripts could not access windows by index.
[Fix] The SnakDCCHandlers script used incorrect constants for the connection types.
[Fix] The UpdateServers script did not work.
[Fix] A line with only beep characters could display using the text color of the preceding line.
[Fix] Ctrl-g did not make a beep character.
[Fix] The connection menu in the file menu was not updated if a connection was created by using the /server servername command.
[Fix] After opening a browser by clicking on a url in the channel text, Snak could in some cases reopen it when clicking back on the Snak window.
[Fix] Some strings in the setup assistant were missing from the UKEnglish and Danish translations.
[Fix] The edit field in the mp3 request list could be partly cut off if not enough room was available in the panel.
[Fix] When the Add Theme sheet was shown in the preference window, the window could not be dragged around.
[Fix] The userhost column in the integrated userlist could disappear if the userlist was resized in a particular way.
[Fix] A possible crash if a window was closed while a sound was playing.
[Fix] Tile Windows did not work properly.
[Fix] In busy channels, when setting a Mark or searching for text, highlights or marks would sometimes cause drawing over the room topic bar.
[Fix] Reflow of the nicks when the divider was dragged did not work.
[Fix] The /debuglog command did not write a message when the debuglog was closed.
[Fix] The help tag for the HTML logging checkbox was wrong.
[Fix] The input field could jump up and down by a few pixels in some cases.
[Fix] Extra space at the end of the window title.

Version 5.2.1

[Fix] Selected appearance theme could be reset to Paper on next launch.
[Fix] The results from the whois command would always go to the server messages panel if present.
[Fix] Option return would not send the contents of the input field as an action.
[Fix] The divider in the sample text box in the appearance preference pane would obey the setting of the default theme and not the currently displayed theme.
[Fix] The title of the close item in the File menu could be incorrect when the channel list window was frontmost.
[Fix] The title of the command button to open a private message panel said Query instead of Dialog.
[Chg] The title of the apperance theme that uses Monaco 12pt changed to Paper-equal width font. The previous name was Paper-proportional font, which is the wrong term.
[Chg] Reapplying a text or background color in the input field will reset that style back to plain.
[Chg] The default log location is now the Documents folder instead of the Desktop.
[Chg] The default settings of the Paper theme restored to the way they were in previous versions.

Version 5.2

[New] All appearance preferences assembled in a theme. Themes can be created, edited and deleted from the Apperance preference panel.
[New] Each text panel can be assigned an individual appearance theme.
[New] A mark can be inserted in the panel text to mark an interesting message for later study. The mark is a vertical divider line.
[New] Function to search for highlighted messages or marks.
[New] Helptag with status and time connected for the profile list.
[New] Default set of actions predefined on new installations. These default actions are stored in a file in the package and can be customized for easier setup on multiple machines. These actions serve to illustrate what Actions can be used for.
[New] The timestamp format in the logs can be set separately from the text panels.
[Chg] The next and previous panel commands will cycle through all windows, not just the front window.
[Chg] The background color of the userlist and the input field follows the appearance theme of the active text panel.
[Chg] Message routing improved for whois responses if there is an open dialog window for the user.
[Chg] Highlights are displayed in the active channel button as well so that they are not overlooked if the active channel isn't being monitored by the user.
[Chg] The highlight is cleared by clicking on the button.
[Chg] Enter key will also advance setup assistant to next screen.
[Chg] Sorting for the "Active" column in the actions list now corresponds to the order the actions are processed.
[Chg] Initial window size accommodates 800x600 displays.
[Chg] A new search term in the find dialog will reset the search start position to the beginning of the text.
[Chg] The find dialog does not reset the search term unless necessary.
[Chg] Separate truncate nick preference removed. If Show Divider is selected, nicks are truncated to the selected width.
[Chg] Improved display and recognition of additional information in MP3 requests in the MP3 list.
[Chg] Internal change to implement a low priority queue for automatic messages sent when you join a channel. This reduces delay until manual messages can be sent.
[Chg] Extensive changes to default contextual menus.
[Chg] Channel redirection is now handled automatically.
[Chg] Default text spacing adjusted. This allows for a smaller default font and improved legibility.
[Chg] The highlight will paint the background of the selected text instead of the text itself.
[Chg] The menu bar has been rearranged for improved functionality.
[Chg] Removed the Set Default Size menu item.
[Fix] AppleScript: idle handler on Intel did not get called correctly.
[Fix] The member count for the userlist was not reset to 0 when leaving a channel.
[Fix] On 10.4 some dialogs were missing the cancel button.
[Fix] Nothing happened when doubleclicking on a dialog or filter item in the profile list.
[Fix] Icons in profile list were too dim.
[Fix] The escape key did not work as expected in the topic edit field in the channel management dialog.
[Fix] An insertion point could be displayed in the panel text even though it is read-only.
[Fix] I-beam cursor not visible when using black panel background color.
[Fix] Ccursor not getting reset to i-beam when over certain types of messages in the nick column.
[Fix] Popup menus could contain unexpected items if ; and other special characters were used in item names.
[Fix] Autologging would fail for channels with / in the name.
[Fix] Numeric 338 is used in whois on ratbox ircd. It is now suppressed.
[Fix] With hundreds of nicks on notify the server might let you connect only to disconnect shortly afterwards due to excess flooding.
[Fix] Forced truncation of overlong messages did not work.
[Fix] If you had a large number of nicks on notify only approximately 50 were actually monitored.
[Fix] Crash on connect if there were more than about 200 people on the notify list.
[Fix] The contacts list did not correctly run a command on doubleclick if this was selected in the clicking preferences.
[Fix] No space after the timestamp when copying text.
[Fix] When disconnecting while still in the process of connecting, the connection is reopened.
[Fix] The contextual menu in the channel would sometimes display the userlist contextual menu when the mouse was over empty space.
[Fix] A crash in certain circumstances when closing a contextual menu after a command like leave channel had been sent.
[Fix] The quit message dialog claims www.snak.com is misspelled.
[Fix] The status icon for channels and dialogs would not always get updated if the connection was closed from the profile list.

Version 5.1.5

[New] Limited Unicode (UTF-8) support. All characters from the 11 languages for which Snak is localized, are automatically handled correctly when received as UTF-8. Full Unicode supprt (Japanese, Greek, Hebrew etc.) is expected in the next major version.
[New] Option to use the more descriptive word "room" instead of "channel". This is set by default for a new installation. Existing installations are not changed.
[New] Character encoding popup in the connection profile. The choices are the traditional western encoding, Unicode, and cyrillic. When Unicode is selected, International characters in outgoing messages are formatted as UTF-8.
[New] The selected text is accessible through AppleScript with the panelSelectedText property.
[Chg] Doubleclicking in the userlist to add to inputfield will add a space at the end
[Chg] The panel name AppleScript property is changed to group:name, like this: List:Profiles/Contacts/Actions/Requests/Users or DCC:name or network:name.
[Chg] The channel topic is shown in the text area when joining.
[Chg] New AppleScript behavior when accessing panels by index. When asking for panel 1, or "first" or "front" panel, the last activated panel is returned. Otherwise the panels are accessed sequentially.
[Fix] Some characters would not get coloured if you selected a text color from the style popup and typed very quickly.
[Fix] asking for the version through AppleScript returned incorrect information.
[Fix] Panels could not be accessed with the every keyword with AppleScript.
[Fix] Panels could not be accessed by name with AppleScript.
[Fix] An incorrect number was returned for number of DCC Connections.
[Fix] Reopening connection by selecting panel and doing cmd-o would also show the console window.
[Fix] Can't load AppleScripts if the filetype isn't set right.
[Fix] Blinking insertion point in multiple windows.
[Fix] Inactive selection is not grey.
[Fix] Repeating disconnect and reconnect on sleep when a mounted volume/refreshing webpage or something else prevented the system from going fully to sleep.

Version 5.1.4

[New] A translucent image, rather than an outline is used when dragging text.
[Opt] The text engine is optimized for faster display on Intel.
[Fix] Occasional crash when accessing a password protected channel.
[Fix] The text background color could be set to black when setting the text foreground color.
[Fix] The spellchecking did not handle the ignore list properly on Intel.

Version 5.1.3

[New] /dns command to find IP address of nicknames and locations.
[New] Button in the Enter Key dialog to automatically update your old license key if necessary.
[Chg] Outgoing overlong messages and actions are now split on word boundaries.
[Chg] Allow incoming malformed action message that have been incorrectly cut up because of length.
[Chg] Look in ~/Library/sounds and /System/Library/Sounds for sounds as well. This means you can use the system alert sounds in the Snak actions.
[Fix] The Connect To menu item would not always activate the server panel for the connection.
[Fix] An occasional crash when setting up a new window.
[Fix] The order of the panels was not restored correctly when reopening windows.
[Fix] The Spotlight contextual menu item did not search for the right word.
[Fix] Occasional 100% CPU consumption.
[Fix] The /exec command would garble lines that contained % characters.
[Fix] Splitting overlong action messages did not work.
[Fix] The forwards and backwards commands didn't work right after rearranging panels in a window.

Version 5.1.2

[New] Live feedback for the insertion location when dragging a panel in a window. A panel can be dragged by the panel button or by the gripper area in the topic area.
[New] Support for mIRC style sound requests with an attached action message.
[Chg] Snak will now use the Music folder in your home directory instead of the Snak specific sound folder.
[Chg] The /sound command will automatically put quotes around the song name if it contains spaces.
[Chg] The Show Script Folder item is now in the tools menu instead of the windows menu.
[Chg] The filename for manually logged channels is more descriptive.
[Fix] Difficult to select channel text with an active DCC transfer item in the profile list.
[Fix] 3 pixel not cleared in either side of the window when a panel was dragged around by the gripper area.
[Fix] The column width of the integrated userlist is not correctly restored.
[Fix] A manual log is not closed with "log file closed at.." when quitting the program or stopping manual logging.
[Fix] Can't log channels with colon in the name.
[Fix] Channel password replaced with * if the server is set to hide password for non-ops.

Version 5.1.1

[New] Universal Binary
[New] Checkbox in preferences to turn off spell checking. As before this can also be done in the contextual menu in the inputfield.
[New] You can now hold down the option key when clicking a nick in the userlist to add it to the inputfield without the leading "/msg"
[New] Style popup button for the topic field in the Channel Management dialog.
[Chg] The input field will now ignore style information in pasted text by default. To paste styled text hold down the option key when choosing Paste from the menu.
[Chg] Query panels renamed to Dialog panels.
[Fix] The contextual menu in the userlist was not opened in the right location.
[Fix] Crash when hovering the mouse over a DCC send item in the DCC group in the profile list.
[Fix] The edit field in the quit dialog did not respond correctly to some items in the contextual menu.
[Fix] Numerical IPv6 server addresses did not get stored correctly in the server list.
[Fix] Nothing happened if you doubleclicked a nick in a Dialog panel.
[Fix] Spellcheck ignore and learn didn't work until second launch.
[Fix] Potential crashes during channel listing, especially on Undernet.

Version 5.1

[New] Inputfield supports spellchecking. Control-click in the inputfield to learn or ignore misspelled words or to turn off spellchecking.
[New] Support for Growl notifications (http://growl.info) in the action responses. Growl must be installed separately.
[New] The floating channelbar and the floating input field will snap to the edges of the screen for easier positioning.
[New] Improved error reporting from AppleScript. The error message will include the additional messages that AppleScript provides in some cases. These additional messages often provide clues to the cause of the problem but are frequently not entirely precise. Use them to locate the general area in your script where the problem lies.
[New] Support cmd-shift right/left arrow to move forwards and backwards in the panels.
[New] Style button next to the input field to apply style, text color and background color.
[Chg] The orientation of the transparency slider changed to more accurately reflect what it does.
[Chg] The channel bar will switch between titlebar on the top edge and titlebar on the left edge after you resize it.
[Chg] The channel management items in the channel settings dialog split out in a separate management dialog. It can be opened from the edit menu, or by option clicking in the title bar.
[Chg] Doubleclicking in command reference table will now add to input field.
[Chg] Added .txt extensions to all ircII script files in order to make it easier to edit them.
[Chg] It's not necessary to type the filename extensions in the /load command. Snak will first try .scpt, then .txt and then .irc if the file isn't found.
[Chg] Support the down arrow in the input field again. Only if the contents is not already in the history does the contents get saved the input field cleared.
[Chg] The message history remember styled strings.
[Chg] The height of the inputfield is adjusted immediately after the text is changed, instead of after a short delay.
[Chg] Items in the ban list can be doubleclicked to edit them.
[Chg] The "Send Notice To" and "Send Private Message To" actions now support the $nick variable in the nick response field. For example those responses can now be used to send a notice or private message to directly back to someone in response to a channel message they sent.
[Opt] The live resizing of windows is smoother.
[Fix] The initial userlist bevel header had incorrect text until the first time a channel was selected.
[Fix] Doubleclicking on a nick in the nick colume to add it to the input field would add an extra space.
[Fix] Potential crash when using function keys in the inputfield.
[Fix] Repeatedly putting the panelbar into the floating input and taking it out would duplicate the buttons.
[Fix] The floating input window title could sometimes incorrectly say you were talking to nobody.
[Fix] The floating input window title did not get updated on nick change.
[Fix] The floating input field could lose keystrokes after activating Snak if a list as was the active panel in a window.
[Fix] The AppleScript on numeric< x > handlers did not provide the correct information in the string parameter.
[Fix] On some servers Snak did not correctly detect the support for halfops.
[Fix] The minimum height of the channel panels in a window was not enforced when the input field was resized.
[Fix] On first launch of Snak the channelbar was shown with the titlebr was on top even though it should have been on the left.
[Fix] The command buttons under the userlist would not always be enabled even if there was a selection in the userlist.
[Fix] A colored or styled mesage with plain sections would display locally as black text in the plain sections, instead of the selected own message color. It would be sent out correctly.
[Fix] Nick completion didn't work with floating input and separate userlist.
[Fix] The title of the floating input field was wrong when there was a separate userlist with a selection.
[Fix] Text would not be sent to the channel that owned the separate userlist when the userlist was the active panel.
[Fix] The nickname was not included in the title of the floating input field when a separate userlist was the active panel.
[Fix] In a query panel the userhost field in the userlist would not get cleared when the other side signed off.
[Fix] Several issues in the SnakEventHandlers sample script. The description in the file contains full details. To install the new version please either copy it from the script folder inside the package or delete the existing script folder.
[Fix] The handlers in the SnakDCCEventHandlers never got called.
[Fix] The Dice script would behave incorrectly when called without parameters. It will now display information about the correct syntax.
[Fix] The connectiontype enumeration in the AppleScript dictionary had the wrong type.
[Fix] The close button in the dcc list would not remove pending DCC requests.
[Fix] The channel text could jump if you cancelled out of the channel settings dialog without making changes. This also affected all the other settings dialogs (query, filter, dcc etc.)
[Fix] When a message was retrieved from the message history with the arrow key and sent again, an unexpected message would be shown next time the arrow key was used to move through the message history.
[Fix] The Send Requested Sound setting in the sound preferences did not load and unload the SendRequestedSound script as needed.
[Fix] Sending a "do" event directly to a connection did not work. The do event is deprecated, please use the type event instead.

Version 5.0.4

[New] The profile list can create a new connection profile in response to the /server command.
[New] Built-in version check to inform of new versions of Snak. This feature can be turned off in the preferences.
[New] Added alias sslserver. This does the same as /server -ssl.
[New] A sound is played when a DCC offer is received. To accept the offer open the DCC list with Cmd-D, select the item and press Accept.
[New] The floating channel bar will maximize a window if the selected channel is in a minimized window.
[Chg] The Snak manual is now online, instead of being included in every download. It is still accessed from the Help menu.
[Chg] New -m switch for the /server command to always make a new connection, even if the server specified appears to be on the same network as the current connection.
[Chg] The column header for the nick column in the user list shows the number of members. Previously this was shown with "Pop:" in the channel topic bar.
[Chg] Improved routing of server notices etc. to prevent them from going to incorrect panels.
[Chg] The userlist selection is updated when a nick is selected in the nick column.
[Chg] The version number is now automatically updated in the default signoff message.
[Fix] The numeric edit fields in the preferences accepted other characters as well.
[Fix] The timeout editfield in general prefs lost focus after each keypress.
[Fix] The HTML encoding of several characters like quote and < and > was missing the final semicolon.
[Fix] The Leave Channel contextual menu did not work unless the connection was online.
[Fix] The Update Servers AppleScript did not work.
[Fix] Potential crash when reopening a ssl connection that had previously been open.
[Fix] Sometimes the connection status messages would say "Negotiating SSL" instead of "ready to join channels".
[Fix] The setup assistant would display incorrectly when switching panels.
[Fix] The minimize command had been omitted from the windows menu.
[Fix] A problem related to the SSL feature in 5.0.3 made it impossible to run Snak on OS X 10.2.

Version 5.0.3

[New] SSL support. To use SSL for a server, open the server list, select the server and edit it to set the SSL checkbox. SSL can also be selected by using the -ssl or -e flags on the manual /server command.
[New] The AppleScript "panel" object can be used to access the text of a channel, query or DCC chat if the text needs to be saved before closing the panel.
[New] The PanelClosing AppleScript event is sent before a panel is closed. This release includes two sample scripts (panelclosingTest.scpt and panelpropertyTest.scpt) that show how to use the event and the panel object. To see the new scripts, delete or rename the Script folder in ~/Library/Application Support/SnakV5 if it exists before launching Snak.
[Chg] The echo and type AppleScript commands are now more flexible in the way the target is specified.
[Fix] Halfops did not have the correct color in the userlist even if it was set in the preference panel.
[Fix] Text was garbled in the dialogs that came up when the supervisor function was used.
[Fix] Changing the nickname in the personal preference panel would also, repeatedly, change it in the active connections.
[Fix] On some servers on the freenode network, channels would only be joined "halfway" unless your nick was registered.
[Fix] The topic bar would still display "Joining channel" after joining failed due to the channel being full, or other error.
[Fix] The tiled/stacked popup in the window preference panel did not always reflect the state.
[Fix] When manually accepting a DCC file transfer, the DCC file panel would always indicate that the file was saved to the desktop even though another location was selected.
[Fix] Text sent to a channel could not begin with a '-'.

Version 5.0.2

[New] The profile list remembers the open/closed state.
[New] Nested tell statements in AppleScript will send the command to the right target.
[New] Additional settings in the window preference panel to determine where new panels open. Default is in front window.
[New] Display status messages in the channel titlebar while the connection is being established.
[New] The panel buttons has the same contextual menu as the corresponding panel.
[Chg] The down arrow in the message history in the input field will now always give you a blank input field. The existing contents are saved and can be retrieved with the up arrow. The reason for this is to make it easier to work with partial messages. If you are working on a long message to someone and need to send a short reply to a message to someone else, just press the down arrow, type the short reply and retrieve the long message with the up arrow. The message history still contains 10 slots and the up arrow will still cycle through them.
[Chg] The /debuglog command is reenabled in the shipping build so that Snak can record incoming and outgoing data for debugging purposes.
[Chg] Resized the message dialogs since some messages were too long.
[Chg] Improved format of window title.
[Chg] Open profile list by default if no other windows were opened at launch.
[Chg] If a preexisting server is added again to the server dialog, scroll it into view and select it.
[Chg] Prevent deletion of the DCC item in the profile list.
[Fix] The autoaway script will always return a value from the idle handler.
[Fix] Crash on certain servers which sends out the channel banlist items with certain parts missing.
[Fix] The channel list would not update if it was visible when the list channel command was issued.
[Fix] Playing old-style sound files from an action would often play noise instead of the song.
[Fix] Some system versions would have "Rescued Items" in the trash after a restart because a temporary file did not get deleted.
[Fix] Crash when using the lastlog command (This command is recognized but unimplemented).
[Fix] Possible crash if the floating input window was visible on quit.
[Fix] The userlist would not open properly for the initial list window.
[Fix] One of the edit fields in the setup assistant would scroll incorrectly.
[Fix] Occasional screen trash along top line in a text panel.
[Fix] The transparency setting did not get applied to new windows.
[Fix] The connection menu in the File menu did not get updated when deleting connections in the profile list.
[Fix] The close button in the DCC panel did not work.
[Fix] Potential crash when deleting a query or a filter panel directly from the profile list.

Version 5.0.1

[Fix] Some OS versions would display an "Unexpectedly Quit" dialog when manually quitting the program.
[Fix] A bug in the ratbox ircd server, which is mostly in use on EFNet prevented Snak from properly getting the userhost for some channel members.
[Fix] The commands in the tools menu would sometimes not work.
[Fix] The contents of the input field was not available to the command buttons.
[Fix] Filter panels would be shown in the profile list without name.
[Fix] Definining a preferred connection in the setup assistant would set the portnumber incorrectly.
[Chg] The default DCC send port interval is now 44000 to 44010. This interval should be opened in the firewall, and defined in the port mapping setup of a wireless access point for DCC send or outgoing DCC chat to work.

Version 5.0

[New] The panel title bars have a gripper area so they can be dragged directly.
[New] The tiled views will dynamically make room for the panel as it is dragged around.
[New] In tiled view the panels can be resized dynamically by dragging the title bar.
[New] The stacked view can can have the panel buttons above or below the panels.
[New] The panel buttons displays a badge with the number of unread messages.
[New] If a highlight action with an associated color is triggered in a channel, this color will be used for the badge background.
[New] The divider bars resize the user list and input field dynamically.
[New] There is now a draggable divider between the nick column and the text area to change the width of the nick column. It can be visible or invisible.
[New] Nicknames can be colorized.
[New] Option to not make new private message (Query) windows get focus when they open in response to a private message.
[New] The lists (profile, users, requests, actions) are regular panels that can share windows with other panels.
[New] The profile list is extended to display all the channels you use on the various networks.
[New] The channel password can be changed from the edit channel dialog in the profile list.
[New] The portnumber is displayed in the connection progress messages if it is different from 6667.
[New] The log files can now be saved as HTML 4. A comprehensive style sheet is stored in each log folder so that the user can customize the presentation. The CSS design was created by Nicholas Shanks (http://web.nickshanks.com). Initial feature suggestion by Daniel Beardsmore (http://telcontar.net/Articles/convlogging.php)..
[New] All files use unix linefeeds so that tools like grep will work.
[New] "Reconnect when disconnected" is observed when the machine wakes up from sleep.
[New] The query panel support nick completion.
[New] Text with styles can now be pasted into the topic field.
[New] Support for immediate registration.
[New] Your nickname is included in the title of the floating input window.
[New] You can open edit mode of a ban hostmask by double clicking on it.
[New] The clear item in the edit menu can be used to clear the contents of channels etc.
[New] If you have a query panel open when you connect, Snak will do a /whois and let you know if the user is not online.
[New] Each channel, query, DCC chat etc. can be set to use individual color themes.

[Rem] Snak Data is duplicated to Snak Preferences, and the Snak folder in App Support is duplicated into SnakV5.
[Rem] Press option during drag a panel drag to always create a new window even if the cursor is over a window that can accept the panel.
[Opt] Removed OS 9 specific code in text engine for faster text display.

[Chg] The keyboard shortcut for preferences is changed to cmd comma like most other OS X applications.
[Chg] The stacked panel view now uses regular buttons instead of 10.2 style tabs.
[Chg] The setup assistant nickpanel will switch focus to the edit field that needs to be corrected if there is a problem.
[Chg] The default channel font size popup in the preferences now has an "other" item just like the format menu.
[Chg] The Script and Sound folders have been moved to the Application Support folder. Menu commands have been added to the windows menu to open the folders in the finder.
[Chg] The tiled view no longer makes all remaining panels the same size when you remove one panel from a shared window.
[Chg] The tiled view will now only resize the bottom most panel when the input field is expanded.
[Chg] The focus border is now more OS X like.
[Chg] The timestamps now use the normal message color.
[Chg] The list channel dialog is simplified.
[Chg] Simplified channel settings dialog with one popup for color information instead of three radio buttons.
[Chg] Revised splash and about boxes.
[Chg] The selected network in the DCC send dialog only lists active connection.
[Chg] Removed DCC preference for ask/resume/overwrite when manually receiving a file that already exists. Now it always asks whether to resume or overwrite.
[Chg] Removed DCC preference for rename/resume/overwrite when manually receiving a file that already exists. Now it always tried to resume, and if that fails it will save the incoming file under a new name.
[Chg] Removed default DCC save location preference. The DCC auto accept save location is already set in the action dialog, and if that cannot be used, the file is saved on the desktop.
[Chg] Removed DCC send block size popup. Always uses 16K now.
[Chg] Removed DCC send protocol choice. Defaults to Binary but will use MacBinary if the file contains resources.
[Chg] Added optional -p flag to the /load command so that it can handle a full path.
[Chg] Improved error reporting in scripts by listing the section where the error occurred and if relevant, what bracket type was expected or unmatched.
[Chg] Added -t flag to the say command so that you can force the message to go to a specific channel. Otherwise it would just go to the active channel. This can cause problems if you have a trivia script running in a particular channel at the same time.
[Chg] Support /timer -delete from inside the timer code itself. This fixes a problem at the end of a wagering round in the TriviaBot script.
[Chg] The repeat command in the basical script file is renamed to repeatcmd. That way the duplicate function in PurePak can be removed.
[Chg] Changed the way the program lists the on handlers, so that the handlers for the fake invite detector in PurePak can be listed correctly.
[Chg] Accessing connections by index only traverses the active connections.
[Chg] Changed "connection" and "dcc" in the AppleScript dictionary to "IRCconnection" and "DCCconnection".
[Chg] The channel, query, filter and dcc ids are available and access by ID is supported.
[Chg] Contact list will no longer remove the old record if you edit another record to have the same name.
[Chg] Reconnect when disconnected is now on by default (only affects a new installation).
[Chg] The autologging will no longer use your desktop folder by default when you turn the feature on for the first time. You will be asked to select a location.
[Chg] Removed the "Make new preference file" option. It was intended to make it easier to support multiple users but that is much better done through the multiuser support in the OS.
[Chg] Removed the LOG_EXTRAINFO flag in the window command as it is no longer needed. It was added as a kludge to make it possible to use logging to save preference files in purepak.
[Chg] Don't warn when closing a window with multiple panels unless there are open channels.
[Chg] The message history would not store text you had entered (but not sent) if you switched to a previous message temporarily and tried to go back.
[Chg] The command reference window now updates automatically, so the refresh button is removed.
[Chg] Removed unnecessary panel in the setup assistant which explained the benefits of the default windows setup.
[Chg] Simplified the join channel dialog since many of its functions are now handled by the profile list.
[Chg] Server notices are no longer considered part of "normal messages" events so actions will not trigger on them.
[Chg] Removed log file creator option. Now all log files are either .txt or .html files and will open with the default application.

[Fix] Occasional crash when dragging anything over Snak after performing certain operations.
[Fix] Switching from tiled to stacked and back with hidden right user list makes the tiled view one pixel too wide.
[Fix] The first time a docked window with multiple panels is created the topic bars are drawn inconsistently enabled/disabled.
[Fix] The edge of the command buttons could get cut off if the user list was in the left side and it was resized.
[Fix] The background of the items in the list in the preference panel could sometimes draw as striped gray instead of white.
[Fix] Tabbing through edit fields in channel info erases topic.
[Fix] If you had a shared user list the command buttons would not be moved correctly if you moved the user list between windows.
[Fix] The dotted area on the dividers would sometimes draw in solid black.
[Fix] Having a stacked ui, with floating input and switching to tiled does not resize the scroll bar in the bottom one.
[Fix] The foreach command did not work unless all variables were in uppercase.
[Fix] A statement (like a branch in an if statement) could not be longer than approx. 2K.
[Fix] The load and store data AppleScript command did not work on OS X.
[Fix] The name script property on the query item did not work.
[Fix] The function file_exists was not reliable on OS X.
[Fix] Close profile list, and with a channel selected, press cmd k. The title of the floating input field is garbage.
[Fix] If you quit the program while a channel list was being received the program would ask if you wanted to save the changes to the channel list. Now it will automatically save the channel list.
[Fix] URLs surrounded by quotes or curly quotes would not be detected.
[Fix] URLs with apostrophes inside a parenthesis at the end of a line were not handled right.
[Fix] If you had a selection in the text area, and switched out of Snak, you would have to reselect the selected text in order to copy it.
[Fix] If you had a redirect action to a filter panel, this panel would be activated every time a message was redirected.
[Fix] A topic set to a single word would get an extra space appended at the end.
[Fix] If you had floating channel bar open on launch it would become target and keystrokes would not reach the input field.
[Fix] The response options for server notice did not include "speak message".
[Fix] Time remaining calculations were incorrect if the rate was more than a meg a second.
[Fix] Resume of files with spaces in the name did not work.
[Fix] When you opened an irc:// link with Snak the portnumber was not handled right.
[Fix] The date string in the channel list was erased when you switch sort order.
[Fix] The "Save in" label was not shown when making a new action "on filetransfer offer".
[Fix] DCC autoreceive did not work if you deleted the receive folder. Now it will choose desktop.

Snak was released in 1997, and there has been many, many releases since then. The full version history, going back to version 1.0 is available here.