[Fix] = Bugfix
[New] = New feature
[Opt] = Optimization
[Chg] = Changed
[Rem] = remark

Version 4.13 released 11/18/04
[New] Support the non-standard way used by Austnet to send out the message of the day text when you connect.
[New] Setup Assistant can use the arrow keys to move back and forth.
[Chg] Respond to versionchecks before fully connected in order to make it possible to connect to sorcerynet.
[Chg] Increased the maximum height of the channelbar.
[Chg] The normal window channelbar now uses the full width.
[Chg] "Snak" is no longer the default username in the application.
[Chg] The ident tool no longer uses "Snak" as the default username.
[Chg] Updated servers.ini to most recent version from mIRC. The list is used in Snak with permission. Existing installations must use the 'Update Server List' script in the Script folder to use the new list.
[Chg] Servers are listed in the server selection dialog in the same order as in the servers.ini - most important first.
[Fix] The 'Update Server List' AppleScript in the Script folder did not save the server list in the right place.
[Fix] Snak would set an internal timeout of 160 seconds when the first text was received even if the user had manually set an even longer timeout.
[Fix] URLs with apostrophes were not handled right.
[Fix] The service menu did not work.
[Fix] If you opened a URL by clicking it in the channel text, it might be opened again when you switched back to Snak.
[Fix] The undo string for undoing typing was incorrect.
[Fix] The checkboxes in the supervisor panel were enabled by default even if there was no supervisor password.
[Fix] The guardian could cause a crash if trying to automatically join a blocked channel.
[Fix] If you had a highlight action on a private message, and the "Open query window on private message" setting turned on the action would not activate for the first message.
[Fix] irc:: links that included a portnumber were not handled right.
[Fix] There was no insertion point for the topic field and quit message.
[Fix] The definition for the Ban User" channel contextual menu item was incorrect. Go to customize/popups in the tools menu and choose default to get the right one in an existing installation.
[Fix] The saved channel lists in the Application Support folder were called server lists.
[FIX] Servers in the servers.ini file that had a numeric group like "01" would be added to a network called "server".

Note: In previous versions the panels were called interfaces. The remainder of this document uses the old term.

Version 4.12 released 06/25/04
[Chg] The dock/undock dialog is only shown if it's not obvious what should be done.
[Chg] The bounce action response will only bounce one time if the application is in front. If it's not in front it'll bounce continously.
[Fix] The quit dialog is displayed when you manually disconnect the connection even when the "do not display quit dialog" option is selected.

Version 4.11 released 04/25/04
[New] The dialog that warns of incorrect channel key now has an edit field so you can enter another key directly.
[New] The userlist helptags now displays the userstate (op, voiced, ircop, superop etc.). To activate, hover the mouse over a privileged user in the list.
[New] Added an "Apply to existing" button for nick fields on personal preference panel.
[New] Handle new usermodes like & and ~ for unrealirc. They are considered superops and sorted with IRCops.
[New] Use numeric 005 to determine the channel modes a network supports. By default Snak will use # and &.
[New] Handle the numeric 403 message when trying to join a & channel on a server that doesn't support it.
[New] Handle the information notices which the FreeNode network sends out on a numeric 477 message intended for something else.
[Chg] Includes AM/PM in timestamps when logging.
[Chg] Removed default quit message field from personal preference panel. The default quit message can be set with a button in the quit dialog.
[Chg] Moved username field in the profile dialog to the personal preference panel. It is used together with the real name when connecting to a server. If you have Ident working, the server will use the string returned from Ident instead of the contents of the username field.
[Opt] Prevent unnecessary writing of the actions list on quit.
[Fix] In an Action, the highlight\bounce response would only bounce the dock icon once.
[Fix] The channel list dialog would use a format of the /list command that was not supported by all types of servers.
[Fix] Closing a window with the close button could sometimes crash if there was only one channel in the window.
[Fix] The preference for Userlist/nick column double click didn't work when clicking in the nick column.
[Fix] Down arrow would clear contents of input field.
[Fix] The contact list would display incorrect information when two notifys happened at the same time, and the list was sorted by status.
[Fix] When adding an existing server to the server list, the server list did not get updated if the existing server was on another network.
[Fix] The countops alias fixed to prevent error if it was used in an empty channel.
[Fix] The log timestamp format is different when you start logging on existing text and when you log new incoming lines.
[Fix] The MP3 list would not register offers that came in private messages if the messages contained color.
[Fix] Sporadic crash on quit if you had an active DCC download.

Version 4.10 released 02/18/04
[New] Detects lost connection as may happen if the AirPort signal drops temporarily.
[New] Restores height of tiled channels when possible.
[New] Channel ban list now displays, creates, edits and deletes ban exemptions. Not all networks support this feature.
[New] Handles numeric 348 for ban exceptions.
[New] Cmd-M minimizes a window.
[New] Minimized windows are un-minimized when doing cmd-1/9.
[New] Messages for the connection status added to the console.
[New] Support $mynick in action event fields.
[Chg] Server selection dialog uses switch/select instead of OK.
[Chg] Server selection dialog has text about how to make a new connection instead of switching the current server.
[Chg] A server is preselected in the server list when a network is selected.
[Chg] The setup assistant will preselect macintosh and undernet in the join dialog.
[Chg] New page in setup assistant explains the initial events.
[Chg] The modifier key for multi of selection is changed from shift to cmd. This matches the behavious of the OS X finder and almost all other applications except the OS 9 finder.
[Chg] The manual is moved inside the application package.
[Chg] UserScripts folder is renamed to Scripts.
[Chg] Snak is now able to work without a Scripts folder so you can move the application around. The necessary script files basical, action and dalnetextras are added to the application package. Snak will use those if no Script folder is available.
[Chg] The favorite channels list is simplified by removing the channel menu from the tools menu.
[Chg] The add favorite dialog should not use the contents of the edit field.
[Chg] The default extension for an AppleScript is .scpt but it's normally hidden. Snak now tried to add the extension to the script name you try to load if it's not found.
[Chg] Put resources back in application for OS 9 icons.
[Chg] Removed the OS 9 icon from the Scripts folder.
[Chg] Rename text indent to nick column width.
[Chg] Don't allow empty channel name in favorite channel dialog.
[Fix] 30 minute timout would still happen in the session where you entered the registration key.
[Fix] Due to changes in OS X 10.3 run, and idle handlers in loaded AppleScripts did not get run so the commands could not be executed.
[Fix] The settings dialog for a console did not reset the nick width if you canceled out.
[Fix] Unknown channel modes in a mode message from the server would be ignored if they could not be translated into a readable form.
[Fix] The table in the preferences window did not fit right in the frame.
[Fix] The "server is on different network" dialog is overflowing in both OS X and 9.
[Fix] Numerous tweaks to resources in OS 9 and a few in OS X.

Version 4.9.8 released 01/01/04
[Fixed] A resource problem prevented windows frmo opening on OS 9.
[Fixed] A server that just sent "ERROR" would cause Snak to fail.
[Fixed] A problem where creating a new profile and adding a new server that was not already in the list could set an incorrect portnumber.
[Fixed] The name property of the filter class didn't work.
[Fixed] A problem in the info.plist made Snak not appear in the list of scriptable applications in the script editor under 10.3.
[Fixed] Searching in the channel list with Cmd-F was case insensitive, but Cmd-G was case sensitive.
[Fixed] The contextual menu items for ignore didn't work. The two commands should have been separated with /.

Version 4.9.7 released 10/25/03
[Chg] The format of the log files is now [Timestamp] Nick: text.
[Fixed] AppleScript properties for contacts could not be set.
[Fixed] AppleScript properties for scriptfolder, soundfolder and version did not work.
[Fixed] The /window new name 'thename' command would create an filter window without name if 'thename' already existed.
[Fixed] The SpamCatcher script updated.
[Fixed] Page up and page down in input field scrolled both text and userlist.
[Fixed] The topic field had text indent turned on so pasted text with multiple lines displayed incorrectly.
[Fixed] Nicks in the nick column didn't have a contextual menu.
[Fixed] The ban/kick option in the contextual menu on a nick from the nick column did not fill in the userhost information.

Version 4.9.6 released 09/20/03
[New] XDCC fileserver in PurePak script package is fully functional. Type "/load purepak.irc" and then "/pphelp dcc" to see how to use it.
[New] There is now an option to limit the amount of text to keep in a channel. Default is 5000 lines. This fixes the typing slowdown when Snak has been running for days in a busy channel.
[New] Clickable irc:// links on a webpage will now launch Snak. Snak will then create a new connection profile and connect to the channel, or use an existing profile.
[New] New functions to make it easier to use colors in scripts. Color information in IRC messages is embedded between the characters. These functions will do that directly: $color(string), $bold(), $italic(), $underline(), and $plain().
[New] Added example scripts in the basical script file to illustrate the use of the new functions: /buy, /sell, /short, /cover, /colortest.
[New] New functions to support the PurePak XDCC fserve script. $formatnumber(number), $dccreceivecount(), $dccsendcount(), $listitemcount(), $listitemdelete(), $filesize() and $filename(). Please see the pp-dcc.irc script for examples.
[New] Respond and norespond commands added to the Musical script to allow it to respond to !musical commands sent by other channel users.
[New] New option to truncate nicks to the text indent width.
[New] If the nick was truncated, include the full nick in the helptag that comes up when you hover the mouse over the nick.
[New] Added $S variable to return the name of the current server.
[New] Much improved BanKick dialog with a selection of "witty" kick messages.
[New] In addition to a simple kick message you can now also execute a series of commands as part of the kick. The predefined kick messages have many examples. The examples come from the PurePak pp-kick.irc package.
[New] Added the dcc close command. Syntax is /dcc close send/get nick filename.
[Chg] The channel ban dialog improved with separate fields for nick, user and host.
[Chg] The option to use crisp OS X text is returned by popular demand.
[Chg] If the ban list is empty, Snak will request it again if you get opped. Some networks restrict the access to the list if you are not op.
[Chg] The script MusicalOSX is now just called Musical. The version number has been changed to 1.0 after a number of bugs were Fix. It does not work with OS 9.
[Chg] When adding a new server, leading spaces, and trailing spaces and returns are now removed.
[Chg] DCC protocol is more tolerant of minor errors from the other side. The other side is supposed to send certain messages in uppercase but some clients don't.
[Chg] Option return will send the text in the input field as an action message, but the keystroke will now be ignored if there is no text in the input field.
[Opt] Command reference variable display is much faster if there are many variables, like if you have purepak loaded.
[Opt] PurePak now no longer maintains a separate list of users in all channels. This was a major slowdown, especially when visiting large channels.
[Opt] The cursor check is now only done 6 times a second.
[Fix] DCC SEND resume would sometimes fail to work.
[Fix] The Musical script would sometime issue a stream of miscidle errors.
[Fix] The play command in Musical did not work.
[Fix] The load and store data AppleScript commands didn't work.
[Fix] The DCC helptags would be cleared every time the DCC item changed.
[Fix] You would get an error message when using /who if PurePak was installed.
[Fix] The exec rm command did not work. The command can only delete files in the Scripts folder, and the base path was not set on OS X.
[Fix] If you had an on timer event handler installed it would in some cases not be called if there were several active connections.
[Fix] Timestamps could overlap the text if your dateformat was set to include am and pm.
[Fix] If you moved the application so that the basical and action script files wasn't found the /j alias didn't work and autojoin failed.
[Fix] The userlist did not quite line up with the top of the channels in OS X.
[Fix] If you used Helvetica 12 the line spacing was still uneven.
[Fix] The bevel buttons in the profile list would stick.
[Fix] The profile list could not sort on servers.
[Fix] Snak could crash if you edited the tools menu contents incorrectly.
[Fix] The last character of a /me command in a DCC chat would get chopped off the local display of the action. It was sent correctly.
[Fix] if you typed the kick command without a kickreason the server would respond "no text to send".
[Fix] 'O' mode is always interpreted even if the translate mode changes is off.
[Fix] The R dalnet channel mode was not set in the channel mode indicator.
[Fix] The M dalnet mode was not parsed.
[Fix] The activity indicator in the channel list was running as soon as you opened the channel list.
[Fix] If you used the msg button to send a ;) to someone it would be interpreted as two commands. You can still concatenate commands but it must be command1;/command2.
[Fix] Command buttons didn't do anything in a query.
[Fix] The program would split long messages into multiple parts as expected but there would be gaps.
[Fix] The profile list did not sort servers correctly.

Version 4.9.5 released 08/19/03
[New] URLs in the channel text can be single clicked to open them in a browser. The cursor changes to a hand if Snak recognizes the word under the cursor as a URL.
[New] Incoming Items in the DCC list has a helptag that will show you the IP and port number of the sender. This helps you determine the reason an incoming transmission will not start, by showing if the sender is supplying a bad IP address.
[New] You can run multiple commands from the "Run Command" response in an Action by separating commands with a semicolon like this /command1;/command2 . There must not be any space between the semicolon and the /.
[Fix] Snak would split lines that you typed if there was a semicolon in the text.
[Fix] The channel preference panel under OS 9 would cause the preference window to lock up.
[Fix] Strings in the splash screens were not right on OS 9.
[Fix] Spacing of lines was uneven for pointsizes under 12.
[Fix] The Action response list could contain wrong entries at the end for "on join".

Version 4.9.4 released 08/12/03
[New] Actions now support matching userhost information as well as nicks. Use "nick!user@host" to match both, "nick" or "user@host" to match one or the other.
[New] Contextual menus for words under the cursor like URLs or nicknames.
[New] Find/Find Again looks for nicknames as well.
[New] Indent of message text to the right of the nick can be turned off.
[New] $? is added to popup in the edit commandbutton dialog.
[New] Cmd-left now places cursor at beginning of line, cmd-right places it at end.
[New] PgUp/Dn is forwarded to the channel window when typing in the input field.
[New] URL contextual menu added.
[New] Filterwindows now has a contextual menu.
[New] Contextual menus now have items to close query, dcc, console and filter windows.
[New] Support for /notify -nick to remove someone from notify.
[Opt] Revised text engine is twice as fast.
[Opt] Number of ISON messages that the notify function sends to the server is much reduced.
[Chg] Minimum width of floating channel bar is reduced so that you can resize it into a vertical column to get a vertical channel list.
[Chg] One find string per window, not per channel.
[Chg] More usage tips for the splash screen added.
[Chg] Help item in contextual menu is enabled. Opens the manual to an appropriate location.
[Chg] Color codes are now stripped from messages before they are checked to see if an action applies.
[Chg] Input field etc. now has proper OS X look.
[Chg] Text typed into a filter window will now pass through the standard input handler so that you can setup an "on input" and process the text.
[Fix] The nick column could fail to redraw properly and appear empty when you switched channels after resizing a shared window with multiple channels in tabbed mode. [Fix] You could not separate commands with semicolon except when loading scripts. [Fix] The contacts list could display wrong information if sorting on status and you added a new notify.
[Fix] Numeric 379 was not handled - unrealirc RPL_WHOISMODES.
[Fix] Contextual menu command to do ban was wrong. It was $E!$ but should have been $E!$F (username!userhost). Please reload the popup in the editor to correct this.
[Fix] The channel key could be forgotten if someone was opped in the channel.
[Fix] Ban list table in channel settings did not use the full width.
[Fix] If you had a tooltip up, and changed the active channel, or if a private message opened a query the channel mode tooltip would appear.
[Fix] The "/notice @#channel message" format of the notice command didn't work. However the "/onotice" command did work which is actually the same thing.
[Fix] Using a homedir relative path like ~/dir/file did not work in the dcc send command.
[Fix] Snak could bring up many dialogs, stacked on top of each other in some cases, like is you had auto rejoin on, a startup action to join a channel with the wrong key.
[Fix] Saved preference files, resumable files etc. did not have the correct signature for the current version of Snak so they didn't open right or have the right icon.
[Fix] The order of tab buttons in the channel bar view was reversed compared to a docked window.
[Fix] The tab highlight was not cleared when you did /clear -all to clear all windows.
[Fix] If you sent a private message, notice etc over 510 characters with /msg , only the first 510 would be sent as private. The rest would go out as a public message in whatever channel you were in.
[Fix] Snak could send packets that were larger than the IRC protocol limit of 510 bytes.
[Fix] The channel key field in the channel settings dialog allowed for the entry of more than 60 characters and could overflow the allocated memory.
[Fix] Some of the one line input fields would not scroll horizontally when they had more text than could be displayed.
[Fix] Doing something like /list *irc* would result in garbage being sent to the server.
[Fix] The "Start logging" menu item to start manual logging didn't work if auto logging was turned on.
[Fix] Choosing dcc from in the manual went to right page but didn't expand the items in the menu of contents.
[Fix] Window location was not always enforced to be inside visible area for input field and list windows.
[Fix] Incorrect path in the instructions on how to enable ident with AirPort.
[Fix] DCC messages, notices from someone did not show in the right colors if you had a query open to that person.
[Fix] Actions were not re-read from the actions file on OS 9.
[Fix] Crash on /timer -refnum.
[Fix] Snak would allow users to enter spaces in the username. The username would then be rejected by the server.
[Fix] Snak could get stuck and refuse to connect if you issued a join command to a connection that had previously gone through all servers in the list without finding one that would connect.
[Fix] Aliases and assigns from the command line that contained $* etc were be stored incorrectly.
[Fix] Local wallops messages were not displayed.

Version 4.9.3 released 04/06/03
[New] Channel list window now persistent, so that you don't have to get the list of servers over and over again.
[Chg] Actions are stored in a separate file in order to make it easier to share actions between machines.
[Chg] When autoreceiving and set to resume, Snak will now rename the file instead of deleting it if it can't be resumed.
[Chg] Channel list window remembers size and position.
[Chg] Run command action response enforces a forward slash.
[Fix] Snak would fail to open some AppleScript files if they had no resources at all.
[Fix] /quit would bring up the quit dialog.
[Fix] DCC chat with certain kinds of bots (eggdrop/telnet) would have two empty lines for every line of text.
[Fix] Snak could crash with if the menu specification were malformed.
[Fix] Setup assistant was using the wrong size window on OS X.
[Fix] The "request missing sounds" feature was not working.

Version 4.9.2 released 03/06/03
[Fix] The port numbers for many servers were incorrect which led to problems connecting to them.
[Fix] Using the disconnect button on the profile list would not work and the application would have to be force quit.
[Fix] Crash when connecting to a server when you had certain startup actions defined.
[Fix] Actions could no longer play sounds.
[Fix] SendRequestedSound script could not be found.

Version 4.9.1 released 03/02/03
[New] Employs application packaging.
[New] Uses Application Support folder for server list and menu definitions file.
[New] Uses OS X tabs in the tabbed views instead of custom buttons.
[Chg] Application now looks good in OS 9 again. However, please just upgrade to OS X already...
[Chg] The startup actions are run before autojoin of channels so that for example, on undernet, you can set the +x (hide userhost) flag before joining any channels.
[Chg] Length of command button definition increased to 200 chars from 60.
[Chg] The manual HTML files were IE files. They will now open in your default browser.
[Chg] The debuglog file is opened and closed right away on the /debuglog command, instead of when the first message comes.
[Chg] The window scroll position was not changed when you resized a window smaller. Now it's always forced to the bottom.
[Fix] Clicking in the scrollbar of an inactive channel did not activate the channel.
[Fix] The /names command only worked if you were already in the channel.
[Fix] You could not add items to tools and popup menu editor.
[Fix] Crashed when using $numeric variables in the actions.
[Fix] The ban kick dialog did not support tabbing between fields.
[Fix] The string for halfop setting explanation was wrong.
[Fix] WALLOPS messages did not display correctly.
[Fix] The filetypes were not always set right for MacBinary receive.
[Fix] The edit server button in select server dialog was enabled for multiple items.
[Fix] The return value for AppleScript idle handlers was treated as ticks (sixtieth of a second) instead of whole seconds.
[Fix] The ircII idle handler was called continously instead of just once a minute.
[Fix] If your color choice was white text on dark background, the detached userlist would show normal users as white on white background.

Version 4.9 released 01/12/03
[New] Actions allow automatic responses to many events.
[New] Highlights are now done with actions.
[New] Speech control is now done with actions.
[New] DCC autoaccept is now done with actions.
[New] Command buttons under the userlist.
[New] The userlist font and fontsize will follow the channel font and fontsize.
[New] Color menu makes it easier to colorize text.
[New] Helpops/halfops status is supported.
[New] Editor to customize command buttons, tools menu and popups.
[New] Confirmation dialog when closing a multichannel window with the close box.
[New] Channel has lastjoiner AppleScript property.
[New] User has selected AppleScript property.
[New] Connection has AppleScript properties for starttime and idletime.
[New] Filter windows can have an associated prefix command like /ovnotice #macintosh.
[New] A highlight action can bounce the dock icon.
[New] The order of servers in a connection record can be rearranged by dragging.
[New] The on timer event handler is now supported.
[New] Includes customized identd tool to make it work with AirPort.
[Opt] Resizing views in tiled mode is now much faster.
[Chg] Part and leave commands support '*' for the current channel
[Chg] The /clear command now has an -ALL flag to clear all windows.
[Chg] isReply parameter is removed from ctcp handler. Instead there is now a separate ctcpreply handler. Please see the file SnakEventHandlers for examples.
[Chg] Part and leave now supports an optional reason
[Chg] Timestamps can display seconds.
[Chg] Simplified logging preferences. Now always log in network folder with timestamps.
[Chg] Notify and whois system more robust with servers that don't answer requests in the order received.
[Chg] Dialogs laid out to conform to OS X.
[Chg] Don't display the "Uhr" in German timestamps.
[Chg] Ovnotice and onotice now use the modern form on all networks.
[Chg] /on will now list the name where an AppleScript event handler comes from.
[Chg] Userlist background will match the channel background color.
[Chg] Fontsize of text changed from 9 to 12 points throughout the application.
[Fix] The font and fontsize menu items was not always enabled.
[Fix] The delete network button in the Edit Server dialog did not work.
[Fix] Some dialogs, like the Other font size dialog were very slow to appear.
[Fix] Dragging from nick colums to input field did not work.
[Fix] Dragging from userlist to contactslist did not work.
[Fix] A message would be split across two log files if it happened right after midnight.
[Fix] Event handlers would sometimes claim to have fully processed an event without really having done so.
[Fix] Topic field in channel settings had striped background.
[Fix] The join event that came when you joined a channel yourself came before you were added to the internal records of channelmembers
[Fix] Did not forget old channel passwords if they no longer applied.
[Fix] Crash after using $connect or $listen or $curpos.
[Fix] The join channel dialog did not work right with channel passwords.
[Fix] If you got opped on a server that hides channel keys from non-ops Snak would not fetch the key after you got opped.
[Fix] The cchannel list could not hold more than 32000 items.
[Fix] The notify signoff message would sometimes not be displayed if you were in the same channels.
[Fix] The width of the nick column in the userlist would not be restored if it was made to take up the full width of the userlist.
[Fix] Wrong error message when the /type command couldn't find the file
[Fix] DCC send with pathname didn't work.
[Fix] The tab order for items in the personal preference panel was incorrect.

Version 4.8.6 released 10/24/02
Support for optional text smoothing on OS X 10.1.5 and newer.
Support for system compliant help tags.
Disconnect open connection when machine goes to sleep.
Support for the RatServ AutoAway AppleScript.
Improved error messages when trying to load a script file.
Support for AppleScript files with script in the data fork (10.2)
Display topic background color in topic area and channel list.
Allow up to 20 channels in a shared window instead of 10.
Channel button help tags display the last unread message in the channel.
Window positions are enforced to be inside the visible screen area.
If there are identically named channel buttons from different networks, prepend the network name.
Handle Undernet numeric 330 correctly (logged in as).
Spread or collect the interfaces when the shared windows option is toggled in the preferences.
The argument processing on input excludes the /me command (so you can use semicolons or $amounts again).
Input field color display would always use Mac color protocol regardless of the channel setting.
AppleScripts can now contain individually callable subroutines (see AutoAway script for examples).
The autolog will switch to a new file at midnight if the "Save logs in subfolders for every day" option is chosen.
The autolog filenames use the form 07/09 instead on 7/9 for improved sorting.
Commandreference window and /alias command will now tell from which file an AppleScript comes from.

Fixed Topic information was being sent from channel settings dialog even if the topic was not changed.
fixed garbage characters when editing a topic with backgroundcolors in a channel with pc color mode.
Fixed very long topics would display incorrectly in the channellist.
Fixed 10 channels in a small window will cause the input field to disappear on word wrap.
Fixed channel buttons could not be dragged between windows, only entire channels.
Fixed occasional crash when using the purepak /sve command.
Fixed when encountering the color reset command (0x03) in a string Snak would use the wrong color.
Fixed loading scripts with event handlers more than once without unloading could give a stream on -1751 errors.
Fixed cancelling out of the move interface doesn't work.
Fixed the isreply parameter in the ctcp event handler was not a boolean so existing scripts would fail.

Version 4.8.5 released 09/10/02
Support for the OS X services menu for selections in the main channel text.
More reliable connecting to servers.
Fixed problem with DCC resume when sending a file.
Fixed possible crash when closing a window.

Version 4.8.4 released 05/26/02
AppleScripts now have full access to the DCC list and can be notified via event handlers when a DCC request comes in, is opened or closed.

Event handler names in AppleScripts are now case insensitive.
MacNN is added to the list of default connection profiles.
There is now an "other" entry in the font size dialog so that you can enter an arbitrary value.
Double clicking in the connection profile is now configurable, and can either edit the record or open a connection.

Fixed DCC resume receive would fail whan the other side sent a malformed response.
Fixed DCC resume send would fail if the filename contained a space.
Fixed doing a private /me would open a blank query window.
Fixed the connection record could get damaged when editing a server record with multiple port numbers.
Fixed an incorrect response was sent when an AppleScript asked for the connection type property.

Several new scripts are included:
"Trivia Bot" is a comprehensive script to run your own trivia games in a channel. It's highly customizable.
"Update Servers" to download a fresh server list.
"SnakDCCEventHandlers" is an example of what is now possible with the new DCC scriptability.

Version 4.8.3 released 01/24/02
Fixed possible crash when copying text from windows.
Fixed occasional erroneous character when changing a channel topic.

Version 4.8.2 released 01/12/02
Channels and channel buttons can now be dragged between windows to move them, to the desktop to make a new window and to the trash to close them.
Color and formatting is supported on quit message and topic fields.
Added option to not display the quit message dialog.
Double click on waiting dcc will accept the DCC.
Double click action in contacts list is configurable.
When undocking a channel, Snak will try to find an existing window record.
Register application is updated with euro prices.
The SendRequestedSound script is updated to support sounds with '_' in the name.
Repeated /query to the same persion now select window and send text.
Fixed low memory crash when the request list tried to access items that had been deleted.
Fixed automatic rejoin in password protected channels.
Fixed DCC resume didn't work.
Fixed problem copying text.
Fixed DCC chat has an empty entry in user list.
Fixed occasional redraw glitch in tabbed view that would cause the front channel to go white.
Fixed incorrect resizing of closed user list on launch, open and close.
Fixed when going back to a previous page in the setup assistant the edit field should be properly targetable.

Version 4.8.1 released 12/16/01
The channel buttons shows different color for server and normal messages.
The channel buttons will show the channel name in the tooltip if it's too small for full name to be displayed.
The channel buttons will show the last message received if the option key is held down on mouse over.
The Close menu item now read "Close Console", "Close Channel" instead of just Close.
Includes some very useful scripts for spam filtering and control of iTunes from within Snak
Added contextual menu for the channel list.
Added script access to the contacts list.
Added "favoritechannel" command to add channels to the favorites list and the channelmenu in the tools menu .
The "enable ident for 10.1" script has been updated to the actual string that 10.1 uses.
The edit field in the ban/kick dialog is made larger.
The atmosphere event handler is called to handle action messages.
Putting someone on notify will look in open channels to quickly see if someone os present.
The nick column width in integrated userlist is remembered.
The extrasdalnet script updated with onotice and ovnotice commands and updated service aliases. Added consoletest and versionnoticecatcher scripts.
Added mouse scroll wheel support.

Fixed the contact list did not sort correctly or update when a notify status changed.
Fixed the query windows would not remember nick changes to next time.
Fixed resume dis not work correctly and would corrupt the file.
Fixed MacBinary send would not transfer correctly.
Fixed DCC list scroll bars did not enable.
Fixed the send requested sound feature would give an AppleScript error.
Fixed you could not send a sound request to the channel by dropping a sound on the channel window. Fixed the argstring property in AppleScript is not working
Fixed the clonenoticecatcher would give AppleScript errors.
Fixed filenames in dcc window could be incorrect.
Fixed the userlist would not resort wneh someones status changed.

Version 4.8 released 11/01/01
Shared windows now supports a tabbed mode in addition to the existing tiled mode, where the docked channels each take the entire window and you switch by pressing a button in the embedded channel bar.
Nick completion is improved and works on the last word in the input field. If the input field is empty, the tab key has the old functionality of stepping through the private message history (the people that has sent private messages to you).
Much improved long term stability and better memory management.
Much faster DCC send.
User list can optionally be sorted by status (ircops/ops/voice/normal).The normal message history function can now require the option key together with up and down arrow.
Support for long filenames in DCC send and receive on OS X.
Option to rename files when receiving DCC automatically.
Improved DCC resume file throughput and remaining time calculations.
Panel list in the preference panel now responds to up and down arrow keys.
Contacts can be assigned a sound to be played when they sign on.
Improved and simplified setup assistant.
Large selections like select all in a big MP3 list or the user list in a big channel are now several times faster.
Support for the euro currency character when talking to PC users.
Tooltip on channel mode string explains what the mode flags mean.
Contextual menu items for adding nicks to the contacts list and for displaying contacts info.
New commands /contact makes a new contact.
New command /summary display the available information about a nick.
Channelbar window now reacts to the click that selected it. No need for a second click on the channel button.
If you hold down the option key when pressing enter the text in the input field will be an action message.
If you hold down the option key during progrm startup it will not connect to connections that are set to automatically connect.
Cmd-click on URLs in the topic box now works.
The highlight function will now not respond to server functions.
Notices from other users don't go to the top window by default. If the sender is in a channel with you, the notice is displayed there. Server notices still go to the top window.
Simplified the IP assignmen in the DCC preferences.
PING yourself if no data is received for 90 seconds. That should cause a notification of a dropped connection.
Added support for half-op flag : "%".
Dialogs opened from scripts with $? can be canceled.

Fixed if you made a new preference file the program would switch to using that for the rest of the session.
Fixed if you opened a saved preference file the program would not close existing panel windows before reopening new ones.
Fixed if you opened a saved preference file the program would not save the locations of the currenct windows.

Fixed in shared window mode private messages did not always get added to the private message list in the input field.
Fixed MP3 requests would not get shown in the MP3 list if the request contained color information.
Fixed tabbing between edit fields in the preference window didn't work.
Fixed flicker when adding channels to a shared window.
Fixed clicking on the scrollbar of an inactive channel in a shared window did not select the channel.
Fixed /ISON would always say that the nick was online.
Fixed dragging a tab, different from the currently active tab would select the wrong one.
Fixed selection would remain in profile list after deleting an item.
Fixed on OS X the scroll bars would slightly overlap the focusborder.
Fixed AppleScript would not get the correct name of a connection that was accessed by index.
Fixed if a script sends a message out from within a message handler hook it would always be formatted as a notice.
Fixed channel key would be forgotten if you were opped in a channel with a key.
Fixed CTCP requests were case sensitive.
Fixed double clicking on a channel button would beep.
Fixed the notify flag in the contacts list would not get cleared when the program disconnects.
Fixed OS X crashes on /alias and /lis.
Fixed missing theme background for bankick dialog.
Fixed channel, console and query used the same contextual menu.
Fixed if a server was added to the list in URL form it would not be parsed correctly next time the server list was read.
Fixed the title of the New Server window was not localizable.

Version 4.7.2 released 10/08/01
Fixed bug that could cause the Contacts to disappear from the list.
Fixed width of profile column of contacts list was not being stored
Fixed crash when selecting the voice popup in the contacts panel if MacInTalk was not installed
Fixed don't ask for nickname twice when using the DCC send button.
Update voice assignment in the channels when using the "Apply to existing" button.
Don't show the "prefers to speak in -language-" message that could come on some networks when you had someone on notify.
Users can be dragged into the contacts list on 10.1.
Reenable command click URLs in main text area.

Version 4.7.1 released 09/10/01
MP3 list is cleared when MP3 table is closed.
Contacts list window is no longer forced to front when doing /ignore or /notify.
Fixed could not add servers to profile record.
Fixed crash when cleaning up in low memory situation.
Fixed periodic message when you have someone on notify that has identified for the nick.
Fixed using /leave on multiple channels could cause a crash.
Fixed using Cmd-J with a profile selected did not preselect the right profile in the join window.
Fixed contacts could be set up incorrectly internally which could make the contacts list appear empty.

Version 4.7 released 09/03/01
Lists in the panel windows can be rearranged by dragging the tabs.
Fully updated and rewritten manual in html format.
Nick completion with the tab key (can be turned off in order to get the old behavior).
Contacts panel integrates notify, ignore and individual settings.
Supports contextual menu operations on multiple selected items in the lists.
Default voice can be assigned on a per-channel basis.
People can be assigned a "don't speak" voice.
Displays mIRC style background colors.
If multiple invites come in, only one invite dialog is shown. This prevents harassment.
The new "/window balance" command auto resizes docked channels equally.
When you close a channel in a shared window the remaining channels are resized equally.
The variables list in the command reference window shows more than 60 characters.
Feature scripts moved out of regular scripts folder into "FeatureScripts".
The string history in the input field no longer truncates after 256 characters.
Prevent beep floods - only 3 beeps max, and display a message on empty line with just beeps.
Flush changed preferences when you close the preference window.
Display O and R channel modes correctly in DALNet.
CTCP requests are now case insensitive.
Support multiple delete of networks in the server selection dialog.
Added /think alias.
If issuing commands from the profile list, keep that window as target if it is still frontmost after the command is processed.
When selecting a server in the server list manually, the port number would always be 6667. Now it uses the first specified port.
Now uses the correct OS X icon

Fixed remember changed password even if there is just a case change.
Fixed don't set channel topic from channel info if there isn't any and the edit field is empty.
Fixed incorrect swapping of docked channels in some cases.
Fixed in ircII scripts escaped characters in strings no longer also shows the escape character
Fixed mode AppleScript event handler would sometime fail (no userhost).
Fixed incorrect highlighting of channel bar buttons if the user dragged mouse out of button.
Fixed don't replace the nickname in the connection records in the connections if the user opens and closes the edit profile dialog.
Fixed log folder and DCC receive folder locations are preserved when making a new preference file.
Fixed when closing a query window, clear the last received message if it came from the nick.
Fixed in the case of someone switching nick and then switching back while in query mode the program would sometimes open a second query window.
Fixed PurePak log saving (prevent descriptors).
Fixed PurePak change to not intercept the topic message.
Fixed PurePak overrode the say command incorrectly.
Fixed /msg . and /msg , works again.
Fixed don't erase color information in the edit field when switching between channels.
Fixed incorrect scrolling when using the Find Again function.
Fixed very slow switching between color themes.
Fixed mIRC colors should repeat after 16.
Fixed prevent stray messages from reopening a channel you have just left
Fixed incorrect mIRC color 7.
Fixed beep on highlight only worked if the Text Contains Own Nick was selected.
Fixed if nick column was made really wide it would be reset next time the window was opened.
FIxed on OS X the divider between nick column and text area would be drawn with the usual OS X background instead of channel background color.
Fixed there is a limit of 10 docked channels in a window, but by using the dock command manually it was possible to exceed that.

4.6.5 released 06/25/01
Fixed crash when joining or leaving channels with very long topics. This especially affected the popular #macintosh channel on DALNet.
Improved the display of /who #channel information.
Improved forward compatibility with future preference file formats.

4.6.4 released 06/20/01
Fixed OS X crash that could happen randomly during normal use
Fixed OS X crash when typing /dcc get
Fixed incorrect handling of ban list items on IRCNet and others
Fixed deleting first item in the Apple menu
Changed names of two aliases in the sample script file to avoid a collision with the built in functions.

4.6.3 released 05/11/01
Window position is checked on open to keep it inside the visible area.
Fixed crash when the other end closed a DCC chat window when Snak was in the background
Fixed incorrect stripping of text formatting on outgoing text.

4.6.2 released 05/01/01
Available in both Carbonized and regular flavors.
Fixed crash when sending empty line under OS X.
Fixed resuming file transfers fails.
Fixed select AppleScript command.

4.6.1 Carbon released 04/13/01
Carbonized for OS X and OS 9.1 with carbonLib 1.2.5.
Script files can be aliases.
Sound folder and sound files can be aliases.
Topic in channels no longer limited to 255 characters.
Fixed columns in userlist couldn't resize.
Fixed MP3 request could not always get a song if the request was received as a private messages.
Fixed delete in channel ban list didn't update the set by field.
Fixed Snak would forget that it had been registered with certain kinds of registration numbers.

4.6 released 03/24/01
Support for DCC send from behind a NAT router, and on AirPort networks.
Saveable preferences makes it possible for multiple people to share Snak.
Server list is in separate file so it can easily be updated.
Compatible with mIRC server lists.
Width of columns in connection window is remembered.
Speech can be turned off in individual channels.
Speaking nicks and own messages is optional.
Support for servers that automatically join you to a channel.
Much improved server selection list.
The server selection list is added to the windows menu, and can also be opened with /server.
Background color and color prefs moved from the format menu into the settings dialogs.
Much improved preference file format. Future versions will longer require users to re-enter settings when the program is updated.
Send files to DCC chat or Query members by dropping the file in the window.
Mode indicator has a tooltip.
Preferred connection in Join dialog is updated when a favorite is added or edited.
Contextual menus work in the nick column.
Transfer rates in excess of a meg/second presented as Mb/sec instead of exponential.
Added dcc list command to userlist contextual.
Find and Find Again handles scrolling much better.
Warning dialog when creating new profile with incomplete information.
Esc works in quit dialog.
Quit dialog dismisses itself after two minutes.
MP3 requests that come in as a private message are always accepted even if nicks don't match.

AppleScript improvements:
Version and script folder properties on the application.
Scripts can be unloaded with /unload.
Event handler for numerical events, CTCP, topic and nick changes.
The numerical event handler will receive special numerics 950 for online, 951 for offline.
pubmsg handlers get userhost info for your own messages.
Scripts can store preferences and persistant data with load/store data events.

Fixed bug in /dns
Fixed bug that made custom windows behave incorrectly in the channelbar.
Fixed crash with cmd-period if MacInTalk was not installed.
Fixed bug in logging where actions were logged as regular messages.
Fixed missing enable in DCC list scroller.
Fixed incorrect tool tips for background color buttons.
Occasional blank preference panel probably fixed.

4.5.4 released 01/24/01
DCC sends will automatically use binary transfer if the files being sent has no resource fork.
Nicks in action messages moved into nick area instead of text area.
Variable list in cmd reference updated with new $ variables.
Custom color a - n supported.
Startup actions extended from max 128 chars to 512.
Max text length of a custom menu item increased from 100 to 250.
Preferred network for channels in favorites.

Fixed : after nickname when bracket style chosen.
Fixed occasional garbage character when pasting.
Fixed garbage in saved channel list that had more than 9999 channels in it.
Fixed garbage in channel list for channels that had very long names or topics.
Fixed a problem where Snak forgot a changed name of a query window next time window is opened.
Fixed problem with custom date format that had no space before AM or PM.
Fixed problem joining channels with keys.
Fixed missing timestamps when copying channel text.
Fixed failed automatice dcc receive of files with names of a particular length.
Fixed problem displaying a manually requested banlist for channels that you are not a member of.
Fixed problem that doubled the internal banlist in the channel setting window for a manually requested banlist for a channel you are a member of.
Fixed missing descriptor in DCC chat window.
Fixed problem with comma separated channel list in the edit field in the join channel dialog.

4.5.3 released 01/23/01
An incorrect build of this version was briefly released but it did not have the advertised fixes. In order to avoid confusion the version number of the correct build has been changed.

4.5.2 released 11/05/00
MP3 request list now has optional timeout on the requests so that they automatically get removed after a specified period of time.
The "Send requested sound upon !nick message" is implemented.
The speaking out of text can be stopped with cmd - period.
"bang" event handler implemented. "bang" messages start with an exclamation mark, and are typically used to invoke automatic functions. The script folder provides examples on how to implement such automatic functions.
Popups for gender and age group in the address book implemented.

Fixed problem where new channels didn't have a visible userlist by default.
Fixed unsightly empty line in the last line of the text area.
Fixed incorrect max nickname length in the address book.
Fixed "/server +" command. This command is used to step to the next server in the connection record.

4.5.1 released 11/01/00
Fixed potential crash when closing window.

4.5 released 10/26/00
Applescript support.
Timestamps placed before nick.
Nick column auto resize on timestamp on/off.
Highlight option in MP3 list.
Space added after nick added to input by doubleclick in userlist.
Event hook now called for signoffs and idle.
Unknown commands are passed straight through to the server.
Closing of windows on manual disconnect is configurable.
Playing sounds can be stopped with cmd-period
Window/interface cycling relocated to cmd-; and '
Clicking in the sound preference panel does now not enforce a 2 sec pause.
Added command key to open and close connections.

Fixed problem when channel user count limit went over 64K, like on dalnet operator.
Fixed newly added server was not selectable in server list.
Fixed incorrect timeout for servers chosen manually with /server.
Fixed forgetting if the userlist was opened or closed last time a particular window was opened.
Fixec new button in server selection dialog was disabled by default.
Fixed bug where it would not reconnect until you closed all window if previous attempt has failedd.
Fixed timestamping in the logs was incorrect when logging was turned on in the middle of a session.
Fixed garbage port number in port list when editing a server that had more than one.
Fixed fields in personal preference panel could not be emptied.
Fixed pressing f-keys unnecessarily emptied the text line.
Fixed bug that prevented more than one query windows from being opened by double clicking in the notify list.
Fixed incorrect idle time calculation.
Fixed multiple select in select server dialog did not use all selected items.
Fixed server list in connection record was sorted alphabetically.
Fixed problem with stime returning incorrect string.
Fixed problem that sometimes made it necessary to paste twice to get text in the input field.
Fixed occasional crash during initial setup on 8.6 and OS X systems.
Fixed visual thrash when a tooltip was up, and an underlying pane scrolled.
Fixed /sound #macintosh

left the sound name blank so that Ircle would send the sound list.

4.1 released 07/10/00
Faster text display.
Fully updated server list from mIRC. Server list is used with permission.
Log files contain opened / closed markers in the text.
Timestamps in log files are optional.
Optional log folders for each day.
Only required logfile folders are created.
Easier setup of new connection records.
IRCnet '+'type channels are supported.
Choose log folder location uses navigation services.
Double click in user list will add /msg nick if input field cursor is in the first position, and just nick if elsewhere.
Message history (up and down arrow) puts most recent string first, even if there were duplicates.
Servers can be edited with button in connection record.
if username field in connection record left empty, nickname will be used.
DCC window shows the throughput of the transfer.
Ignore and notify lists show icons to clarify the purpose.
Notify list supports contextual menu.

Fixed click preferences form the notify list.
Fixed problem that could cause the program to disconnect.
Fixed freeze in some kinds of selections.
Fixed problem with Select All.
Fixed problem with wrong DCC block send size.
Fixed /names.
Fixed garbage character when editing bans in ban list.
Fixed problem in tile windows when default windows size was too large. Some windows could be placed off screen.
Fixed incorrect ping time and channel creation time when purepak loaded.
Fixed quit message problem.

4.0.1 released 06/12/00
Fixed problem with sudden, temporary freezes lasting 10-20 seconds or more when the application is reclaiming memory.
Fixed crash when deleting duplicate servers from connection record.
Fixed problem draggind text files and clippings to input field when it is integrated in the window.
Fixed problem deleting servers from the server selection dialog, and added Delete button.

4.0 released 05/29/00
Major features:
Split text view into nick column and text area so that text doesn't flow under the nicks.
The width of the nick column can be changed by placing the cursor over the area between the nick column and text area and dragging.
Banlist in channel settings.
Lists and information windows consolidated into tabs in the connection window.
Request list in connection window for easy MP3 get.
Channel bar for easy switching between channels.
Tool menu join item settable from the favorite table in the join dialog.
Interface color themes - default, pastel and console.
Interfaces update immediately when background color is updated in the preferences.
ToolTips in nick colums shows when msg was received.
ToolTips for channel topic area shows interface type and connection.
Multiple lines in input field by pressing shift-return.
Appearance and Kaleidoscope support.

Proper focus box around active interfaces.
Better error when trying to open dcc connection without a connection.
Prefs window reopen to same panel.
Input fields follow interface font and size.
Smarter move interface function.
Better low memory handling.
Include and exclude fields in list filter are case in-sensitive.
DCC receive of wav pre selects the sound folder.
Sound resources in the system or application can be played.
Return moves to next page in setup assistant.
"No longer connected" comes to channel even if not fully joined.
MP3 and wav file can be dropped on channel, query and dcc chat to play sound.
CTCP MP3 requests are treated the same as CTCP SOUND.
Topic is cleared when connection is lost, you are kicked out etc.
Quit message dialog does not come if you are not a member of the open channel windows (can happen after kick etc).
"/query nick message" opens query window and sends message.
Notify list status is cleared when connection is disconnected.
DCC send in dcc window preselects connection of active interface.
Cmd-J preselect correct connection when a channel is active when cmd-J is pressed.
Selection is preserved correctly in the lists when adding and sorting.
Amount of channel text is reduced when memory is low or when it takes too long to insert a line.
Userhost on nicks in the notify list is filled out when nick is online even if the nick is not in any of the same channels as you.
Window title updates when query nick changes.

wait -cmd with a process specifier works.
Purepak can save and reload settings with /sve. purepak.sav is created in the script folder.
/exec can remove files in the script directory and do GETHOME.
/input can ask for input or a list of files.
Extensive adaptation of purepak to fit better with Snak.
# comment lines supported in Menu definitions file.
New scripting examples with extensive explanations.
Scripting simplified by removing connection specific files in script folder. Connections always load action and basical script files.

Fixed incorrect reading of quoted file name in DCC receive.
Fixed problem that could leave channels "half open" if the connection to the server failed.
Fixed userlist sorting on nick name changes.
Fixed incorrect handling of channels with passwords when rejoining.
Fixed bug where playing of beeps couldn't be turned off.
Fixed crash with /on after loading purepak.
Fixed memory leak for users leaving channel.
Fixed problem when large text files are dropped in input field. Resized way too much.
Fixed problem when dropping small text files in input field. Added garbage to end.
Fixed bug in ischanop command.
Fixed /describe.
Fixed bug where only first ignore flag would be remembered after /ignore abc NOTICES CTCP.
Fixed bug with Apply to Existing right after a window was created.
Fixed bug where userlist would sometimes end up empty in the window after turning on integrated userlist.
Fixed double messages on "auto open query on private msg".
Fixed problem setting the scrollers in /clear.

3.2.1 released 03/12/00
Fixed bug where private messages could fail to display if the sender was not in any channel you were also on.
Fixed bug where the program disconnected too quickly so the quit message would be lost.
Fixed bug with the color of voiced user changing incorrectly on unvoicing.
Fixed crash at quit with some combinations of integrated userlist, shared windows and multiple windows open.

3.2 released 02/10/00
Improved PurePak and ircII scripting support:
/who *, /wait, $userhost, $mychannels, $myservers, $onchannel,
$chanusers, $O (user is oper), $P (user is chan oper),
$H (current numeric) are supported, so PurePak is functional.

DCC send supports 8 and 16K block size.
Setup assistant has option to define a preferred connection.
Chatnet uses improved list command.
Channel list remembers min/max settings.
Navigation Services are no longer required to launch.
Join dialog comes up by default.
Registration is easier(fields don't clear).
Newly added channels are selected in join channel dialog.

New commands : /map (undernet, newnet only), /squit and /kill.

Fixed problem with colored text that had the same color as the window background.
Fixed problem that made it very slow to switch between servers.
Fixed two potential random crashes in normal operations.
Fixed random crash when quitting.
Fixed empty "Dock" window after dcc chat.
Fixed occasional lost last character in messages from certain types of bots.
Fixed drag divider in connection window in wrong place.
Fixed menu item for join and list would not work unless something was selected in the connection window.
Fixed problem with private messages when PurePak was loaded.
Fixed incorrect font in connection window input field.
Fixed potential crash when closing with active dcc.
Fixed problem with too early closing of dcc file send.

3.1 released 11/03/99
The visible activity can be set for each channel, so you can suppress join/leave messages etc. if they drown out the normal messages in large channels. This option is accessible through the channel settings dialog.

Invite dialogs close automatically after 2 minutes.
Nicks can be dragged from user list into address book, ignore etc.
More informative splash screen.
A series of usability tips is displayed in the splash screen.
KickBan contextual manu item in the user list improved.
KickBan command implemented.

Columns can be resized.
Quitting is faster.
Explanation string in ignore dialog.
Window options moved into the preference panel.

Fixed crashes when closing an active DCC connection.
Fixed a bug where the userlist contents could be duplicated.
Fixed bug in saving connection setup if a connection didn't have any open channels.

3.0.2 released 9/21/99
Input fields follow interface font and size.
Support for TalkCity overflow channels.
Better messages when text can't be sent to a channel.
Add server to channel lists selects and shows.
Support color in channel lists.
Faster quit and window closing.
Optional loud private message sound.
Window locations are remembered while the program is running, not just when it quits.

Fixed problem switching to next server in connection record when the first one timed out.
Fixed lock up when using the online help on pre 8.5 machines.
Fixed name sorting.
Fixed DCC progress time estimate for DCC resume.
Fixed describe.
Fixed problem that could leave channels "half open" if the connection to the server failed.
Fixed problem with wrong default font selected in channel preferences.

3.0.1 released 6/25/99
Implemented block of the + + + ATH hack that prevents it from disconnecting the modem if the string comes through IRC.

Due to popular demand the message history is back on the up and down arrows and the private message history is back on the tab key. The private message history now stores the nicks of both incoming and outgoing private messages.

The progress information in the DCC status dialog now lists estimated time left in the download.

Added "Set as default" button in the quit dialog.
Table items are made slightly smaller.
Brings connection window to front after creating it at start.

Fixed DCC receive problem that could lose the last block of the file.
Fixed occasional crash when quitting with an active download.
Fixed problem where the channel list would lock up the machine for minutes when sorting a channel list with many thousands of channels. Channel list sorting is now much faster.
Fixed problem with the wrong help menu items being opened on some machines.
Fixed bug in channel list options dialog when all options were turned off.
Fixed bug where multiple quit dialogs were opened when the 30 minute quit dialog was left up for a long time.

3.0 released 6/2/99
Message routing is improved so that notify messages are sent to the active interface instead of the console.
Windows can be tiled.
Command reference now show syntax info for built in functions.
Multiple commands are supported in each tool and contextual menu item. The commands are separated by semicolons.
The ignore tool and contextual menu items write a confirmation.

Fixed incorrect voice + and - userlist contextual menu.
Fixed missing display of voice status.
Fixed enabling of cmd-w if the floating input was active.

3.0b4 released 5/25/99
Highlighting of text reacts to certain words by beeping, with a special text color or with speech.
Connection window tracks active nickname and servers on the connections.
Interfaces in a shared window can be reordered within the window by dragging the dividers.
Interfaces can be moved to another window with the "Move Interface" menu item under the File menu.
Messages can be spoken, and voice assignment is customizable by nick.

/list #channelname is supported.
Added contextual menu item to play sound in channel.
Added /play command as a synonym for /sound.
Additional text after soundname in /sound is supported.
New variable $J holds text of last private message.
The respond tool function uses this to display the last received message when opening a query window.
Voice + and - items added to userlist contextual menu.

The separate "Close Interface" menu item is removed. Cmd-w will now close individual interfaces or the window when the last interface is closed. Clicking in the closebox will close the entire window right away, even if there are multiple interfaces in it.

Fixed display of /me actions in DCC Chat.
Fixed manual /dcc get nick.
Fixed playing of soundfiles that are not wav format.
Fixed excessive sound notifications on split.
Fixed unnecessary "The connection is no longer active" messages.
Fixed bug that could prevent the tool and contextual menus from building.
Fixed occasional crashing bug when closing an open DCC connection.
Fixed setting of binary button in DCC send.
Fixed resizing of userlist scroll bars when switching channels.
Fixed DCC send with drag and drop.
Fixed delete from notify list from the keyboard or drag to trash.

3.0b3 released 5/19/99
ToolTips provide help and reminders for items in preferences, settings dialogs and address book.
Connections can be set to automatically connect on start.
Large text chunks can be pasted into and sent from input fields.
Channel list has contextual menu for adding to favorite list.
Channel list is faster.
Favorite channels are categorized.
Creator for log files can be set.
Location of DCC window is remembered.
Undo supported in all text fields.
Control g and w supported.
Fixed bug that could open multiple windows for the same channels.
Fixed resuming a DCC file send.
Fixed /part from channel you'd been kicked from.
Fixed problem introduced in b2 that prevented sounds from playing.

3.0b2 released 5/16/99
/part for /console, /query and dcc chat implemented.
Docking window is closed when last interface is closed.
Page up etc is directed to active interface instead of edit field.
Input field directed to an interface when window is selected.
Menu definitions moved to editable text file.
Separate contextual menus for the different interface types.
No longer requires the Internet Config extension to start.
Fixed dcc with drag and drop.
Fixed Error: Can't send to channel.
Fixed Redraw problem in preferences.
Fixed time stamp translated modes.

It's strongly recommended that Internet Config is installed because otherwise you won't be able to command click on URLs in the text, map filename extensions correctly to Macintosh file types, send email from the address book or launch a browser from the registration dialog. Internet Config is installed by recent system versions and many internet programs, but you can also download it from www.stairways.com.

3.0b1 released 5/11/99
Multiple channels and other interfaces can be docked in a window.
Separate userlist and input field.
Setup assistant.
Online help.
DCC send and chat can be started from the DCC status dialog.
DCC Resume for both manual and automatic gets. Both Binary and MacBinary files supported.
Command Reference window that lists all aliases and variables.
Multiple files can be sent to the same nick at the same time.
Tables are sortable, and have a Finder like look.
Supports Navigation Services.
Address book is updated with functions to send email.
Uniform windows layout.
Simplified preferences.
Updated and extended server list.
Automatic connect on joining channels.
CTCP HOMEPAGE supported.
FIxed bug in DCC MacBinary receive of files that had comments.

2.0.2 released 02/13/99
Snak will now automatically try the alternative nick if the normal nick is in use and will only ask the user if both are taken.
Provided notification in the channel and query windows when the connection to the server goes down.
Implemented /pass and changed /quote so that both commands can be used when the connection is in the "connected" state. All other commands are only sent when the connection is in the "online" state. This should enable Snak to work properly with IRCGate programs.
The active nickname is displayed in the connection window.
Fixed bug that stopped identd from working if you connected with the /server command.
Fixed bug that could prevent sending messages to the channel with the error "Can't send to channel".
Fixed bug in the saving of the color mode (mIRC, Mac and Ignore).
Fixed bug the handling of passwords in the connection record.
Fixed missing time parameter in the contextual menu ping command.

2.0.1 released 01/24/99
Two bugs that could cause problems when receiving files with DCC has been fixed.
All scroll bars now support live scrolling
Server port numbers over 32K are supported.
Selecting text in the text panes no longer require two tries

2.0 released 01/03/99
Preference window is redesigned and inconsistencies are cleaned up.
The connection lists in the connection window and preferences are linked.
Window background color re-enabled.
Color processing can be turned off.
Input field remembers contents if using the history function.
Improved autoscrolling in the windows.
Fixed bug in the timestamp radio buttons.
Fixed occasional crash on MacTCP machines when disconnecting.
Fixed searching problems in the channel list and optimized performance.
Fixed crash using channel keys.
Fixed problem that prevented startup actions from working.
Fixed problem using window cycle when only one window was open.

2.0b6 released 11/13/98
This version fixes a crashing bug in 2.0b5 that only happened on OS8.5
If you are not on 8.5 and already have 2.0b5 then you don't need this version.

2.0b5 released 11/11/98
Connecting to servers is now significantly faster and much more reliable.
The positions of channel, query and DCC chat windows are saved.
The console windows can be closed and reopened.
A new Connections window makes it much simple to connect, and to see which connections are active.
The servers in the server list in the connection record can be edited with double click
Font and fontsize for console, channel, query and DCC chat windows can be set individually
The DCC status window supports multiple selection
Fixed incorrect /kick alias
Fixed crash that could occur randomly in normal operation
Fixed crash when the program quit that some people experienced

2.0b4 released 09/23/98
This version support for /timers and event handlers in scripts and has very extensive compatibility with ircII scripts. Please see the scripting chapter for complete information about the scripting support.

The input fields now resize dynamically as text are typed in, and go back to original size when after the text is sent.

Now brings up the DCC status window when a DCC transfer is started with drag and drop
Underlined text is supported in the input field
Certain script errors are now flagged with proper linenumber and filename
There is now an explanation when quitting due to the 30 min limitation
There is now a small handle indicator in the draggable resizer bars
Behaviour of $C is changed to return the name of the topmost channel window, instead of the currently active window. In most cases this will not make a difference, but certain scripts that does a /join and later a $C will now work

Fixed an identd problem that caused problems for many users when trying to connect to a server.
Fixed tab between fields in clicking preferences
Fixed timestamps on all msgs including server messages
Fixed problem where bold style was being left on until plain
Fixed correct color for first stylerun
Fixed incorrect default font in the console window input field

2.0b3 released 09/02/98
This version further extends the scriptability of Snak with the functions $ischannel, $ischanop, $word, $encode, $decode, $word
Operators / * % ^ ~ ? are supported, so Snak now supports all ircII operators.
Numeric responses 313, 366, 381,401, 421 are now supported.
Selected default font and size are used in Query and DCC Chat

Xecho function now handles the level and window parameter, so the output from many purepak scripts are no longer messed up
Userhost function now handles the command parameter that could contain a script to be executed when the response was returned from the server. That means that useful purepak functions like ban, unban, enemy and friend works properly now.

The notify function will display a message in the active window when someone from the notify list signs on or off.

The /sound command to play wav files has been improved, and is now smarter in deciding when to send the sound to the channel.

fixed crashes when the connection could not be opened
fixed server messages were occasionally not the right color
fixed incoming private actions are now supported in DCC Chat
fixed identd problem when there were two simultaneous connectio attempt
fixed a number of cases where messages from the server would go to the console window instead of the topmost channel window
fixed a crash that could happen when executing complex scripts because the program would run out of stack space.

2.0b2 released 07/29/98
This version improves the scriptability of Snak with 8 additional functions: $rand, $srand, $tdiff, $match, $rmatch, $toupper, $tolower, $strip. These functions are used in more than 200 places in PurePak so a significantly larger portion of PurePak now works properly.

Font and size selection now also applies to userlist and input field
Outgoing /ctcp sound command now also plays the sound file
Logging in /query now logs the nick as well as the text

fixed occasional crash when using < and >
fixed occasional crash when closing a console window
fixed crash when doing oper
fixed incorrect return values from $mid
fixed redraw problem that could happen when selecting bold or underlined
fixed problem playing sounds when there was text after the sound name

2.0b1 released 07/12/98
This version provides extensive scriptability and comes with the PurePak script package.
Some language elements used by the package like event notification ("on"), timers and some built in functions ($rand and others) are not implemented yet. Please see the scripting chapter in the manual for a complete overview of the level of scripting support, and the available operators and commands.
The shortcut menu next to the input field has been removed, and the input field is therefore larger.
Playback of .wav files are supported if you have QuickTime 2.5 or newer.
Contextual menus are supported. A later beta will allow the customization of the menus.
Function keys are supported, and a script can be attached to the keys by editing the script files to associate a command with /F1 to /F12.
The default timeout for servers has been increased to 35 seconds.

Fixed a problem in the identd server where it might not have time to send out the response if the other side was too quick to disconnect
Fixed a problem where it did not remove your own nick from the list if you were kicked.
Fixes problem with the userlist redrawing improperly when the background was black
Fixed crash with the Cycle windows command when there was no windows open
Fixed /leave without a channel name problem
Fixed a crash with multiple outstanding /whois
Properly displays message when you try and do something that requires channel operator privileges

1.4.1 released 06/14/98
This version fixes a grave bug where three error dialogs would come up after connecting to a setup that had been changed from the default.

1.4 released 06/13/98
DCC chat and query handle multiple lines correctly
File can be typed to channel with drag and drop to input field
/type in query window is supported
Userlist matches the color of the channel
Compatible with SmartScroll
Logon sequence changed slightly to accomodate talkcity servers

Fixed problem remembering window locations
Fixed a problem where drag to trash would remove selection in table so that the item couldn't be deleted
Fixed problem where connection with space in front of name would fail to create script file
Fixed problem connecting when OpenTransport was missing
Fixed problem when the a channel window was closed while not connected, connect and rejoin
Fixed problem where the auto log had the wrong line ending
Fixed /ping

1.4b3 released 06/06/98.
New features:
The input field accepts Drag and Drop, and can handle multiple lines of text
The conditional test in the "if" statement now works. This means that the possessive (his/her/the) is now set correctly based on the gender flag.
Existing text in the channel, query or DCC chat is written to the new logfile when logging is started manually.
$* supported
NightStar network added

New commands:
/wallops, /type, /omsg, /onotice and /flush are now supported

Fixed bugs:
Problem when dragging file to empty cell in usertable
Problem with password protected channels
Crash when doing whois
Redraw and alias file when renaming connection in list
Incorrect aliases like /op and /topic
Incorrect clientinfo response for individual commads

1.4b2 released 05/21/98.
New features:
Extended scripting support with multiline scripts, user definable variables, loading of script files.
Support for Appearance Manager 1.0.1 and later.

New commands:
/load, /alias and /assign

Fixed bugs:
A crash shortly after startup when the USERHOST info was returned
Inability of 68K version to receive DCC transfers
Incorrect selection of timestamp radio button
Scroll problem in ignore list
incorrect mode selection in DCC send that would force MacBinary in all cases

known problems
The scripting support is incomplete
"if" works partially but all other conditional commands are unimplemented
The input field is a few pixels too small
The Scripting panel in the preferences is empty.

1.4b1 released 03/29/98.
new features:
Connection setup and open channels can be saved to a setup file that can be clicked to restore the session automatically
Files can be sent with DCC by dropping them on the Userlist
Displays a Save as dialog when receiving files with DCC
Users can be dragged to ignore the panel for easier Ignore

New commands:
/dcc get [optional nick] supported
/server supported, also /server + and /server -

Fixed bugs:
if an connection record was changed while the connection window was up, the old values would be restored when the window was closed
Certain characters redirected channel input to server window
Editing aliases could make them unuseable
Window titles could be truncated
Checkbox problem in DCC auto receive
Selection of autoreceive folder was one level too far down
The divider bars were hard to use
The userlist divider could be dragged beyound the edge
Resize problem in DCC chat window
DCC notifications from a channel member went to the console window

1.3.1 released 03/04/98.
Automatic reconnection preference works
Timestamping preference works
Autoscrolling bug when the userlist was resized is fixed
Lost characters in channel name in join channel dialog fixed
Fixed text alignment when the text size is changed

1.3 released 02/16/98.
Support for /ignore and /oper
/join channel1,channel2 password is supported
/whois nick nick goes to target window
fixed missing new line after /me in DCC chat
fixed incorrect nick in /me in DCC chat
more default connections
many default channels
channel list is shared among all connections
progress bar at initial install
remembers what connection windows was open at last quit

1.3b3 released 01/25/98
Four serious bugs have been fixed in the DCC function. DCC should now work reliably for both sending and receiving files.
/ping is now supported in the program itself, so please delete the /ping alias.
Major internal changes in preparation for supporting /ignore and highlight in next release. These changes should not affect any users.

1.3b2 released 01/19/98
A number of bugs related to the resizeable fields are fixed.
/broadcast and /bract are supported
/ping now displays the response time
(please add "$Z" to the end of the definitions of the /ping
alias and tool menu function for them to work properly, if
you already have an older copy of the Snak preferences)
The preference window have been redesigned
A bug in the Ircle color support is fixed. All 28 colors are now accessible.
Two new scripting variables have been added : $Z returns a second count in UNIX format and $A returns the /away message
Incoming channel pings are only sent to relevant channel
Delete from tables now works with multiple items
Query and DCC chat windows now support color

1.3b1 released 01/11/98
Input field, notify list and user list are now fully resizeable, and their settings are preserved for each channel and connection.
A number of bugs in DCC was fixed which hopefully should make it possible to finally send files.

1.2 released 01/04/98
Channel listings now take advantage of Undernet improvements
/userhost is supported
Problem in the join channel dialog fixed
/leave, /part, /clear fixed
/Whois and /whowas output goes to sending window

1.2b2 released 12/29/97
Memory requirements for channel lists are drastically reduced
Ircle and mIRC compatible color schemes are supported
Problem in the /kick command fixed
Tool functions available in the console window
The Tab key now handles a list of the last 10 /msg sent
Invitation dialogs no longer block the connection

1.2b1 released 12/17/97
Fixes a serious bug where it would crash when typing after clicking in a table.
Supports the /DNS command
Nicknames up to 30 characters long are supported
Logging is now also supported in DCC chat and Query windows

1.1.1 released 12/11/97
bug fix for a problem with the scroll bar in the main text field
PowerPC version now "weak links" against OpenTransport in an effort to fix the OTInetClientLib missing problem

1.1 released 12/06/97
/notify is supported with a notify list in the console window
Double click in the userlist and notify list can be configured to execute a specific command
cmd , (cmd-comma) will cycle through the windows
Page up down, home and end is handled in all areas
All keystrokes are directed to input field
DCC Chat fixed

1.1b2 released 11/22/97
The text in the main channel window line up properly
/who is supported
/join -invite is supported
/invite without channel name is supported
/away messages goes to all windows
/whois nick nick now displays the idle time
The input field is the active field when a channel window is selected
color bug frequency reduced
Better error message when inserting server twice
Actions in query are supported
Selected nick are kept when inserting or removing
Window opening is speeded up
Character translation in topics, channel names, etc.

1.1b1 not publicly released

1.0 released 11/09/97
Character translation in Query and DCC chat windows
Tab order in User database window fixed
Fixed a problem in the cleanup after a successful DCC transfer
Ident reenabled (this was accidentally disabled in f1)
Fixed problem with multiline alias where each line was an alias
Fixed getting kicked from channel before window opened
Prevented joining channels and DCC when not connected
Fixed cosmetic issue where the DCC table would mix "from" and "to">
Fixed incorrect message when a DCC chat was canceled.
Fixed a problem when deleting a channel in the Join dialog

1.0f1 released 10/31/97
Registration features provided.
DCC should now work completely.
Auto rejoin channels after disconnect.
Channel background colors are persistent.
Character sets are mapped between ISO and Mac.
Brings up a dialog when you join too many channels.
The Up arrow no longer clears the input line.

1.0 b9 released 10/05/97
Connection records can specify multiple servers, which allows the program to try each server until it finds one that will connect.
The channel list will now display the channel names properly.
Duplicates in the channel list on some servers fixed.
DCC file sending and receiving, both binary and MacBinary has been fixed.

1.0 b8 released 09/10/97
A number of problems in the way the database is built and used has been corrected
The text fields only scroll if the scroller is at the bottom.
Escape key clears input field
Sound and notification when receiving a CTCP request
Window size and locations are persistent

1.0 b7 released 08/10/97
Available in PowerPC and 68K versions
MacBinary is supported on incoming DCC files
Up and Down arrow keys will scroll through the last 10 messages in any input field
Tab key will cycle through the last 10 people you sent /msg 's to .
The problem with recursive aliases has been fixed (again)

1.0 b6 released 07/14/97
The supervisor can restrict opening of connections and file transfer
The supervisor can limit access to channels whose names contain certain words and can configure Snak to leave the channel if certain words are uttered.
Userlist and channel list are sorted alphabetically
Alias definitions can be saved to file
DCC chat with bots work correctly
The problem with recursive aliases has been fixed

1.0 b5 released 06/22/97
DCC File transfer
DCC chat
Find function can search channel text
A list of nicks that are allowed to set up DCC connections to you automatically
Optionally filetransfers and DCC chats can be auto accepted for every body
Proper Icon and About Box

If you have the b4 package, please send me a copy of the release note I wrote for that version, thanks ....

1.0 b3 released 04/06/97
Manual and automatic logging
Larger input field
Query window configurable

1.0 b2 released 03/23/97
Supports /query
Provides Drag and Drop in all tables
Font and Font size is selectable in the channel window
Additional scripting variables
Fixes bug related to window placement on multiple monitors

1.0 b1 released 03/03/97
Initial release