There are thousands of meeting rooms, each focused on a location or subject, so it's easy to find a place where something interesting is being discussed. You can find rooms for computer related topics, your favorite sci-fi tv show, sports like soccer or ice hockey, current politics, local events in boston or kenya and everything in between.

In addition to chats in the meeting rooms, you can also have private, real-time talks with friends, family or business associates.

Snak features

• Complete and extensive manual to explain both the program and IRC basics.
• Unique docking windows for efficient use of screen space, as multiple channels can share a window.
• Powerful Action list to set up automatic responses to many events.
• Built-in address book to keep track of the snippets of information you find as to talk to other people via IRC.
• Guardian feature to help parents and teachers control what channels their children and students can visit.
MP3 list for easy download from IRC channels dedicated to MP3 sharing.
• Color themes for full control of message and background colors.
• Unlimited number of connections and channels per connection
• Connection records can specify multiple servers, which allows the program to try each server until it finds one that will connect.
• Scriptability using AppleScript and the powerful ircII scripting language.
Aliases and scripting eliminates much tedious typing.
Configurable menus to store aliases and shortcuts.
Integrated notify support, so you can see when your friends log onto IRC.
• Find and Find Again functions to search in the channel listing and channel text.
• Intuitive Drag and Drop operations in many situations.
• Automatic and Manual logging functions.
• URLs can be command-clicked to open them automatically.

Installing Snak

Snak is distributed as a single file, called Snak.dmg which contains the program and all its support files in compressed form. Double click on the dmg file to open it. A disk appears on your desktop which can be opened. Simply copy the Snak application to your application folder and run it.

Besides the Snak application there is a "Enable ident" folder on the disk. In order to connect to some IRC servers it may be necessary to install this tool on your machine. If it is necessary, the IRC server will tell you, and the folder can be disregarded unless necessary . There is more information on this subject in the troubleshooting section.

Snak will make a folder in the Application Support folder, inside the Library folder. This is where it stores, among other things, the many sample scripts that can be explored and used.