Support, comments, suggestions or site license inquiries

Please email

support AT snak DOT com


Re-send License Key

When you register, your license key is emailed to you directly. Please fill out this form to have it sent to you again. If the name and address is found in the database your license key will be emailed to your current address. No license key will be sent if the information is not found.

If you use a spamblocker, like the one used by mindspring/earthlink, please make sure that is on the accepted list.

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Your current email address:
The email address with which you registered Snak:


Update Email address

If you are a registered user of Snak and would like to notify me of a change in email address, please fill out this form. Keeping your address current makes it faster to get your license key re-sent. Unfortunately some people frequently try to get a free license by sending in a bogus address change request, followed by a key request a little later. This does not work.

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Your new email address:
The old email address:

All payment related questions must go to the Kagi payment service.